Stranger in Sacramento / Uno straniero a Sacramento (Sergio Bergonzelli, 1965)


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[font=arial]A cowboy kills two men in self defence, and upon returning to his herd finds his father and brother killed. The cowboy goes to the local sheriff to clear things up, but things do not go to plan…[/font]

[font=arial]Viewed a Portugal dvd with english audio and in around 1.85 widescreen, but the print used is from a VHS source, which looks similar to my old U.K pre-cert VHS. Mickey Hargitay is the hero who is intense, but I was not to keen on his hat. I hated this years ago when I first viewed, but I do have a fondness for it now.[/font]
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Fairly typical earlyish SW, torn between US stereotypes (not least Hargitay’s listless hero) and European cynicism (represented by Aldo Berti’s devious outlaw).

another weak and cheap early spaghetti western with Mickey Hargitay’s lunkhead hero getting himself caught in so many scrapes and having to be saved many times by his sidekick. this is a mess and laughably bad at times but it does have a certain amount of naive charm. a western for meatheads and certainly no classic. 4/10.

Can’t remember much about it, but I check my list and see that I have given it a 7/10. Apparently, one of the early ones that I do enjoy to some degree. Viewed it from the Greek tape.

Received this Dutch tape today: