Story recommendation

The Tales of the Shadowmen anthologies feature a blend of characters from French pulp fiction with characters from other countries. The story I find worth noting is “The Last Vendetta” by Rick Lai in Vol. 1. Suffice it to say that a number of Spaghetti characters (Django, Sabata, Silence, etc). appear or are mentioned. Well worth a look. Favorite bit: Lai makes John from Companeros and Curly from Professional Gun twins (both played by Jack Palance) and gives them the last name Washburn…implying that one of them is the forebear of twins Curly and Duke Washburn, played by Mr. Palance in City Slickers and its sequel! I thought it was funny, but then I’m kinda weird that way. ;D

I cannot recommend this story highly enough to genre fans. You can order the book at:

Just had a look and read the reviews. The book definitely sounds interesting. Might order a copy when i can tear myself away from ordering dvd’s!

Actually, out of curiosity, has anyone here ever written any SW based fiction? I used to post on and a couple of other fiction forums, but never had a go at western stuff.