Stop Over in Hell / Parada en el infierno (Víctor Matellano, 2016)

Anyone seen this?

Should it be listed in the SWDb?

I’ve seen a trailer, and heard bad reports … the trailer suggests it’s another cheapo hoping to cash in on recent western releases.
Personally, I wouldn’t categorize it as a SW - it’s just a cheap little semi amateur effort by Matellano, who is a film writer /critic, but judging by his dreadful horror flick ‘Vampyres’, is NO director.

yea but since when is quality a criteria for the SWDb :wink:
I mean the director’s Italian and they shot it in Spain right? Ticks the most important boxes…

Victor Matellano is actually Spanish, but I take your point - Personally I see SWs as a 60s and 70s phenomenon … so the fact this was filmed in Spain by an international group, is irrelevant - I feel it shouldn’t be thrown in with ‘genuine’ SWs, as it gives it an unwarranted kudos.

and we aren’t, but the SWDb is already full of movies that fit a “broad” Eurowestern definion, and by some rogue group of people who initiated it, also Mexican Westerns, who at the most stylistically match the description :slight_smile:

Perhaps only films that actually get a legit cinema release should be included here ? :slightly_smiling_face:
These films never get past the festival circuit, the actors and crew aren’t paid - and I can only assume they are made as a way of lobbying professional producers into considering the makers as a worthwhile risk for future film development, but it’s more likely they’re just on an ego trip.
Obviously it’s your call, Sebastian :smile:

I have long since bowed to mob rule :wink: I am but a Potemkin ruler :wink:

So far, I’m only a mob of one :smile:

One of the reasons I get a little irritated by these ‘nouveau’ SWs is, that when I first started researching the genre for myself, I kept finding info on the Emilio Estevez film ‘A Dollar for the Dead’, which used the tag, ‘A tribute to Sergio Leone’, obviously a clever marketing idea for the film’s exposure - No doubt Estevez thought he was paying homage, but although the film was shot in Almeria, it can never be regarded as a SW, even if it were a much better film than it actually is. Using the Godfather of the genre’s name is, to me, is a form of plagiarism, without actually breaking copyright law. By that tenuous association many people will have checked out this film, and I doubt Leone himself would have had anything positive to say about it. As he did say, “If I’m the father of the Spaghetti western, then I gave birth to a lot of bastards” :smile:

The German version will see some censorship


Some of us has not…

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Parada en el infierno now has two pages in the database. We should delete one.

It would also be a good idea to check whether a movie already has an entry in the database before creating a new page.

@jan.svabenicky :wink: will fix it later, but @Bad_Lieutenant go ahead and delete the duplicate right away if you want. Let’s carry over and info

Update: fixed

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