Stock footage in Spaghetti Westerns?

Hi All,

Long time no gunplay. Been on a lengthy break from film watching due to work commitments (and an all absorbing love of motorsports), but slowly getting back into things. I’ll be writing some new genre reviews in the near future.

I was just wondering if any Spaghetti Westerns made use of stock footage. Watching later Peplum films they invariably seem to use stock scenes from ‘Hannibal’ (1960) and ‘Wooden Horse of Troy’ (1961), a film like ‘Hercules the Avenger’ (1965) is almost 50% new footage. I do also remember that several of the later 1960s Karl May Westerns used stock shots of charging Indians from the first few films.

Did any of the big gunfights in some of the better Spaghetti Westerns re-appear in later, low budget titles? Or were there any films that used stock footage to make-up the plot?