Stewart Granger died on August 16, 1993, 25 years ago

Great but controversial actor Stewart Granger passed away exactly 25 years ago. Internationally remembered especially for his “King Salomon`s Mines” and following Swashbuckler-films like “Scaramouche” and “The prisoner of Zenda”, he remains embodiment of Old Surehand in three Winnetou-Films for the audience in germany. He has done some fine Western-films in the USA before.

Always thought he was good. The perfect cynicism for Scaramouche. But by all accounts a difficult man!

He also did an ‘Alaskan’ (North To Alaska) and a ‘Canadian’ (The Wild North), which is one of the most compelling films on my non-existent Most Compelling Films list. -Though technically, it was filmed in Wyoming.