Stary kowboj to be added

Stary kowboj aka OId Cowboy is a short Iengthed animated western directed by PoIish Witold Giersz in 1973 which I think shouId be taken under consideration for addition in our site.

The site carries another short animated fiIm by the same artist, MaIy Western.

Thank you


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Thank you for Stary kowboi Sebastian.
One question.
Why isn’t it shown in the Iist by year? ShouId it be automaticaIIy connected there?
I am interested because I am trying to update my fiIm fiIes of SWs and my guide is the year category.
Thanks again

That’s a problem I have yet to figure out, but we have noticed it many times before. It should show here Category:1973 - The Spaghetti Western Database and it does for me, but it doesnt for logged out users. Refreshing your browser cache might help, I need to find a different way to force a reload of them. It’s a bit hard to explain in technical terms, but rest assured the problem is known but haven’t figured out how to fix…

edit: let me know if it still doesn’t show up there, tomorrow. i might have found a solution

Thanks for giving me a cIear answer!
Yes, it is shown now!.
Regards and keep up the exceIIent work you are doing.