Starblack (Giovanni Grimaldi, 1966)

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So until I, or someone, can track down a VHS to do a better transfer than the currently traded DVDR, I am now doing a clean-up re-encode of this DVDR version, with the help of the very knowledgeable jagabo from videohelp who provided me with a great filter script.

You can see a side by side video comparison here - but note that you will need to set to 720p while viewing or it will be full of compression blocking due to youtube’s re-encoding, along with the very extended resolution of this side by side video being non-standard resolution:


Definitely an improvement ! :grinning:

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Not only are the colors improved, but if you look at the video clip starting around 1:23, you can really notice on the original there is some bounce in the picture, which is more stabilized in the new picture… along with some other improvements

Edit: Still working out some additional improvements with jerky movement such as in camera pans


Yeah deffo. I watched this film a while back and I must admit while it obviously wasn’t the height of The Dollars Trilogy I quite enjoyed it. i’d love to see the film again via a better print than the bootleg I have.

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When final touches are put on this clean up, will of course be posted over at CG, but I think I will probably also make a public download link available for anyone who wants it here. Since invites are closed at CG, I feel bad posting about these without also making them available. I would offer to mail copies, but I’ve been a bit overwhelmed with requests for this in the past and I actually haven’t bought blank DVDRs in years, although I may again soon for some upcoming work.