Starblack (Giovanni Grimaldi, 1966)

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You’ve got a good point, the day scenes look fair, but the night-time scenes might be in a better contrast to the video.

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The ones I just posted are from the seller in Italy (recorded from TV) and the one I have is the same VHS copy that everyone else also has- those screenshots I posted a few posts earlier in this thread.

Doesn’t look like there is much of a difference between them, probably will not buy this copy.

If could find a proper print source, would like to consider looking into the logistics of doing a low numbered, legit DVD release as this is something I’d like to do at some point.

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I’ll keep my eyes peeled then, and I’ll report back if anything shows up.

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Got hold of a rip from the Sagres VHS which I posted the cover for. Better image quality, but is cropped fullscreen and unfortunately this copy has hardcoded subtitles, and the ripper hardcoded their blog URL in the first minute of the video… what a dick

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A shame, since that print looks great.

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Wondering what versions may exist somewhere unknown in Germany… the Super8 German language version is supposed to be heavily cut by over 20min from what I read. Not sure if this applies to the released German cut or just the Super8 release

Since it was partially a German production, surely there must exist a master or possibly better print somewhere

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Nice looking German trailer:

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Yes, wider widescreen and better image quality

Oddly enough with a spelling error in the movie’s title (Scwarzer instead of Schwartzer)

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That trailer looks great.

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Film’s action scenes look great on the trailer. I love the way Starblack shoots with 2 revolvers, I don’t recall any other sw with a similar shooting style.

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Apocalypse Joe has Dual Wielding I think.

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According to some info I’ve read on German film sites, the original German 35mm version runs 89min versus the DB runtime listing “93 min (102 min?)”

Production companies listed as Ambrosiana Cinematografica SpA (Rome) , Melodie-Film GmbH (Munich)

According to the guy who posted the German trailer I linked, there was no VHS releases for the film in Germany, only the Super8 version aside from the original 35mm release.

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Danish VHS release - "Den Sorte Sherif-Stjerne"
TV Bio
Letterbox picture, unknown audio

There exists also 16mm prints of the Danish release under same title

A little searching shows our pal Søren has posted his copy of this Danish poster :

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Any idea for running time?

(autephex) #55

Not sure, very little info out there on this.

Have contacted a couple folks who may have a copy of the 16mm print, will see if get a response.

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Someone uploaded the film on youtube with Spanish subs, and the quality is not too bad, just a bid fuzzy.

Here’s the link:

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Yeah, that’s from the Sagres VHS

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Anyone have this on Dvd they could trade me, upload or ill pay cost of disc/shipping? I’ve got a divx rip but want the full dvdr

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