Starblack (Giovanni Grimaldi, 1966)

No, I don’t think there is any similarity, apart from being westerns.

I don’t like this one at all. I’ve seen far worse, but this was by no means remotely decent in my opinion. It seems to play like a slightly more violent American TV Western with almost fumetti/comic book type hero. I like many of Robert Woods film, but this one is at the bottom of the barrel.

I found it average. I don’t remeber much about it right now, but i recall that i thought it needed a better directing.

I’ve just written a review of this one on my blog site. For those who are interested, here’s the link:

Very nice, more or less my feelings too

An odd, very odd but well-directed movie
Don’t think we’ll ever see a first-rate release of this, but a few positive reviews might help (you neverrr know)

On this one we can all 3 agree.

A proper DVD release? Why not?
There are enough SWs meanwhile, which have seen the DVD light of day, on which we wouldn’t have placed a bet.

The soundtrack did get a nice CD release and yes the track where Woods sings a number is on the CD :smiley: .

Watch this one today. The scenes where Woods sings are ridiculous. Despite that, the Zorro feeling of this character got my attention till the last minute.

custom cover:

Thanks Bill …like the background colour you used on that one.

[quote=“Bill san Antonio, post:29, topic:1403”]custom cover:


Great work.
Thanks for the effort.

Great cover! I finally got a copy to watch, and I enjoyed it. Woods singing was a surprise. Also, the body count was ridiculously high.

I really enjoyed Starblack.

The fight scene around 1hr4mn sits up with the best choreographed/directed/executed I’ve seen in the genre, and I’d say the same thing about most of the action in this one. Really well handled stuff here in the action sequences.

Would definitely love to see a better quality version of this pop up.

Nice job on that cover Bill and thanks for sharing it here.

Agree with the bit in scherp’s review about the posters- they really are among the best. I’d never seen the one with the hat/gun/knife-hand, and I like it about as much as the other. I like them so much I may have to track one down for my wall.



Great cover!

yeah, pretty good for a VHS

If anyone should happen to come across any sources for a better quality print of this film, of any type, please let me know!

[quote=“autephex, post:36, topic:1403”]yeah, pretty good for a VHS

If anyone should happen to come across any sources for a better quality print of this film, of any type, please let me know![/quote]

Funnily enough, I’m on a hunt for any other Son of Zorro and Starblack tapes, super 8’s, TV showings etc. I’ll keep my eyes and ears open.

I’ve found some German Super8 copies for sell and almost jumped on them, but they are black and white and not a step up quality-wise from the VHS transfer. I did just find a seller in Italy with a TV recording on DVD, but the screnshots don’t look much better either. May go ahead and purchase depending on price… if its too much, probably won’t bother since it looks about the same

Although it does include the Italian audio track

If the quality is any better, a fan dub could be made using the English language VHS source and the dvd.

Yeah, that’s no problem. I was just mentioning the Italian track because then it could be added as a second audio track, and its always nice to have the Italian audio as an option

Quality doesn’t look to be all that better though. Maybe worse, hard to tell from these shots. Would really need to see the moving video