Star Trek thread

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #1

Any trekkies on this forum?

(Phil H) #2

I wouldn’t call myself a Trekkie but I used to enjoy the original series when I was a kid. I enjoy the newer stuff too when I happen across it while channel surfing.

I don’t have any of the dress ups or action figures though and I’m not fluent in Klingon.

(Stanton) #3

Only one Lostie


Not a fan myself.

(Pacificador) #5

I was a fan of The Next Generation but not the other new ones…never did see a single episode of Enterprise!

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #6

Never was a fan of Original series or Enterprise. But I did like Next generation, Deep space nine (last 3 seasons). Voyager is good sometimes but not always.

I reallly loved the next generation era films. Didn’t like the latest star trek film. The alternate reality stuff ruins it for me.

(Stanton) #7

The new film is entertaining stuff.
The Kirk character was very close to the way Stone portrayed George Bush in W.