Spindrift and the sounds of Psychedelic Western Scores

I was wondering if there are any other fans of the group Spindrift, a rock band from California specializing in psychedelic rock and movie music inspired by westerns and spaghetti westerns. They’ve released a number of albums, one full-length movie and are planning on releasing another film. If any fans of spaghetti western scores haven’t heard of them, they’re worth looking into. The albums “The West,” “Classic Soundtracks, Vol. 1” and “Ghost of the West” are all great. If any of you are familiar, please tell me how you think they compare to the films and the music of the 60s-70s era. After all, I’ve heard them regard Sergio Leone’s westerns as a huge influence.

I started out with Spindrift via the two titles you mentioned, and while I liked them well enough I thought they REALLY shined on The Legend of God’s Gun. This is the spaghetti-fied rock soundtrack album to the movie they made of the same title.