Hey, just for consideration I made this a little while ago. You can use it if you want. I have a PNG file as well if you need it. It’s about 200 meg’s though as it’s a large image file.

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as in 200 megabytes? I think the version as posted here should suffice, if you allow me to add some words to it :slight_smile:

Yeah 200 Megabytes. Do what ever you’d like to it! I’d be happy to see somebody use some of my artwork!

As long as someone is attempting to watch 30 Spags throughout the merry month of November, there’ll definitely be a SpagvemberFest. And I will be. So there definitely is. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve themed each of my Spagvembers with hapless, MS Paint-standard art for the last three years so, although I’ve not given it a lot of thought yet*, I’m sure I’ll be doing likewise this year too. I sincerely doubt it’ll be anything you’d want to use though since it’s usually of a purposely laughable standard (and it’ll likely only be relevant specifically to my Spagvember since, thus far, there has never been a consistent theme for everybody beyond the “30 Spags in 30 days”). So, if you’re happy adapting Nick’s artwork for use in a more official capacity I say go for it. :+1:

*When I said I hadn’t given it much thought, I didn’t mean SpagvemberFest. I’ve already given that plenty of thought and know exactly which movies I’ll be attempting this time around. I meant I’d not given much thought to my crappy theme art work for this year. I’ll probably knock that up in two minutes flat on the first of November, as ever. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yee-haw! Spagvember, toughest month of the year, perfect for a big fat Luigi Batzella retrospective. Too bad he directed only three Westerns.


I fiddled around a bit and this is what I came up with. Yay or nay?


Yep, big fat “Yay” from me :+1:

Don’t know if i’m in or out on Spaghvem, been too busy lately, but that artwork is tempting.


Love it. Glad to have contributed something here!

OK then we call this topic quits or for general Spagvemberfest talk and I will shortly open one for the 2018 edition, I will also advertise it thru the newsletter and the social media channels

I will definitely be taking part as usual although have yet to pick a theme for this year. It may well turn out to be 30 random spags I haven’t watched in a while. We shall see.

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I think you should just watch those 25 Steffan movies all over again.

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or maybe it could be any random assortment of flicks, but they should all be connected somehow, one to the next, like a chain of spaghettis!

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Maybe a Fernando Sancho season ? … He must have done 30, at least ? :thinking:

For me there is a competing event going on in London between 9 and 28 November: The World Chess Championship 2018. Completed 30 films in November 2016 and 2017, but never one film a day for 30 days. Guess I have to consider …

This year I’m going only with movies that contain “Django”, “Sartana”, “Sabata”, “Ringo” or “Trinity” in the title. For a long time, I was going to go purely with movies that I own on those cheapo box sets but which, after all these years, I still haven’t seen yet. Incredibly, I’ve still got more than thirty movies sitting on my shelves that would fit that bill. I was even going to honour Mill Creek’s inclusion of The Manhunt on their 44-film set by selecting an Italian non-spag on one of the days (I actually purchased Demons, a movie I’d somehow never seen, for this purpose). I was also going to honour Golden Star’s inclusion on their Westerns Unchained set of a movie (Execution) without any English audio or subs by watching at least one of the movies in exactly that manner. Ultimately though, I flinched at the thought of that much low quality throughout the month and figured that, at least with my Django/Sartana/etc. idea, I could still guarantee myself a number of decent pics.

Next year I might just run with @Phil_H’s “Hit the ‘Random’ Button” idea. Or I might return to my 2015 “Favourite 30” theme. That’s a fantastic theme; guarantees excellent pictures which get better every day. Or, if I’ve suitably psyched myself up, I might still attempt my “Cheapo Box Set” idea. Maybe.

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So my only decision so far is that the first half of this year’s Spagvemberfest will be a PLL retrospective featuring all his starring or co-starring roles. I’m not going to bother with his cameo in FAFDM. After that it may just turn into a random “off the to watch list” mix or a re-visit to some of the “also rans” that haven’t been watched by me for some years but which I vaguely remember as being ok. We’ll see.

But as of tomorrow it’s all about PLL.


After mature deliberation – :cowboy_hat_face: – I have decided that this year’s SpagvemberFest will be devoted to Spanish Westerns, in particular to the films of Joaquín Luis Romero Marchent (1921–2012) and Rafael Romero Marchent (born in 1926).


Wakey wakey, hands off snakey! It’s here, amigos!

SpagvemberFest! Truly, the internet’s most utterly demented month-long movie challenge. For me this year, it’ll be a Django/Sartana/Sabata/Ringo/Trinity blowout; part brilliance, part crapulence, all spagulance (?).

Now fill your hands, you dirty sonsofbitches!


Well, I’m off and running and I’ve kicked off with a strong start: the delightfully crackpot Django, Kill! If You Live, Shoot (Questi, 1967), a movie which I believe I’ve engineered into every SpagvemberFest so far. And quite right too. Now, sing along: “You won’t get away with this Oooooooooaaakes!”