(morgan) #682

29. Death Sentence

Is this Cash another ghost avenger, like in The Stranger’s Gundown ? Really like this film, but as others I have some serious trouble stomaching the last part. And how can our guy ride out leaving the blonde in the middle of nowhere without a horse? Shame on him!

One to go, but the night is still young!

(Asa) #683

Wed 1 - The Big Gundown
Thu 2 - The Return of Ringo
Fri 3 - Death Rides a Horse
Sat 4 - Sabata + Taste of Death
Sun 5 - A Bullet For the General + Garringo
Mon 6 - Death Sentence
Tue 7 - Bandidos
Wed 8 - The Mercenary
Thu 9 - Companeros
Fri 10 - Mannaja
Sat 11 - The Savage Pampas + Ringo Kill
Sun 12 - Django + Matalo
Mon 13 - Django Kill… If You Live, Shoot
Tue 14 - W Django
Wed 15 - Requiescant
Thu 16 - Four of the Apocalypse
Fri 17 - If You Meet Sartana, Pray For Your Death
Sat 18 - I am Sartana, Your Angel of Death + Shoot the Living, Pray For the Dead
Sun 19 - Have a Good Funeral My Friend… Sartana Will Pay + A Reason to Live, A Reason to Die
Mon 20 - Man, Pride and Vengeance
Tue 21 - Navajo Joe
Wed 22 - 10,000 Dollars For a Massacre
Thu 23 - Cemetery Without Crosses
Fri 24 - A Fistful of Dollars
Sat 25 - For a Few Dollars More + Kill Them All and Come Back Alone
Sun 26 - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly + Johnny Hamlet
Mon 27 - Keoma
Tue 28 - Day of Anger
Wed 29 - Today it’s Me… Tomorrow it’s You!
Thu 30 - The Great Silence

That was a quality month’s viewing, right there.

(morgan) #684

30. A Pistol For Ringo

That was that. A matter of principle.

(morgan) #685

Seems you managed to complete 126,67 % :astonished:

(Asa) #686

Fantastic! Gives me a head start on next year. :slight_smile:

(morgan) #687

The quote is the first post of this thread November 2015. Not only a mental endeavor, a mental cleansing as well. To prevent abstinence I plan to read the whole thread this weekend from the first to the last post. A lot of interesting stuff here that will not be found under the films’ threads, I believe.

But Phil, how, when and where did this thing (that some people with no insight in European culture in the sixties and seventies whatsoever might think not entirely sane) start out?

(morgan) #688

You’re as far ahead as Samantha Fox!

(Asa) #689

I invented it.

I did it on my own in 2014 as something to do in between a 31-day Halloween movie challenge and a 31-day Christmas movie challenge, but a few posters fancied the idea of doing it too the following year so I named it “SpagvemberFest” in 2015 and Phil - moderating at that time - thought the endeavour deserved a thread of its own, so here we are.

(Bill san Antonio) #690

*30. Leone: Fisful of Dollars
-I made it! I started with Man, Pride and Vengeance but I was too tired and switched it to this more familiar film. 9/10

(Bill san Antonio) #691

Summary of 2017

  1. Corbucci: Shoot, Gringo, Shoot 7/10
  2. Martino: Arizona Colt Returns 6/10
  3. Fidani: A Barrel Full of Dollars 6/10
  4. Cardone: 7 Dollars on the Red 7/10
  5. Román & Bava: Nebraska Jim 5/10
  6. Mulargia: Cjamango 5/10
  7. Brass: Yankee 8/10
  8. Tessari: Pistol for Ringo 8/10
  9. Caiano: A Train for Durango 7/10
  10. Tessari: Return of Ringo 8/10
  11. Brescia: Day of Violence 5/10
  12. Savona: Killer Kid 5/10
  13. Cicero: Time of Vultures 7/10
  14. Lucidi: Pecos Cleans Up 4/10
  15. Mulargia: Shango 6/10
  16. Petroni: And For a Roof a Sky Full of Stars 7/10
  17. Bava: Roy Colt and Winchester Jack 5/10
  18. Puccini: Fury of Johnny Kid 7/10
  19. Palli: The Price of Death 6/10
  20. Castellari: Johnny Hamlet 7/10
  21. Zurli: Thompson 1880 5/10
  22. Bergonzelli: Hands Up Dead Man! You’re Under Arrest 5/10
  23. Bava: The Road to Fort Alamo 4/10
  24. Marchent: Two Crosses at Danger Pass 6/10
  25. Tessari: Don’t Turn the Other Cheek 6/10
  26. Corbucci: The White, the Yellow, and the Black 3/10
  27. Bianchi: Fasthand is Still My Name 5/10
  28. Tessari: Alive or Preferably Dead 6/10
  29. Caiano: Ringo, The Face Of Revenge 6/10
  30. Leone: Fisful of Dollars 9/10

Pretty good selection this year. My aim was to watch only Koch Media dvd’s but after 23 films I just started to pick random titles from the shelf. I didn’t plan it but I ended up watching 4 Tessari films, some Gemma and quite many Steffen (though not even close to the Phil’s Herculean effort).

(Phil H) #692

RASS 5 (Spagvemberfest 30)

Vengeance Trail (Squitieri / 1971)

Well, that’s that for another year.
The fifth and final Rassimov spaghetti sees him as the bad guy to Leonard Mann’s vengeful hero (ish). Rass had the face that suited villainous roles and he does the job well in this. The film has the overall feel of a revisionist western with its story around the misuse of Indians and a general climate of sadness while still offering the usual quota of random violence you expect from a spaghetti.ll in all a good little spag. In fact, in the context of what else was being churned out in this genre in 1971 a veritable masterpiece for the year.

(Phil H) #693

In truth it turned out to be a genuine pleasure and I have come out of it with new respect for the Steff.
It also turned out, as usual, to have left a gaping hole in my life now that it’s over. There is definitely something to be said for having a tight structure with set goals for your day. However mental they might seem to others. Also, as usual, I am feeling the need to replace it another similar quest for December but I will definitely not be jumping on board LC’s Christmas project as I bloody hate Christmas movies for the most part. That really would be an ordeal.

Anyway, just for completion’s sake, here is my list of films watched during Spagvemberfest 2017:

  1. The Last Tomahawk
  2. Why Go on Killing?
  3. A Coffin for the Sheriff
  4. Seven Dollars on the Red
  5. Ringo, the Face of Revenge
  6. A Few Dollars for Django
  7. $1000 on the Black 1 dive
  8. Gentleman Killer (0) but chimney
  9. Killer Kid
  10. A Train for Durango
  11. Gunman Sent by God
  12. Stranger in Paso Bravo
  13. Man Who Cried for Revenge
  14. Dead Men Don’t Count
  15. No Room to Die (Lungha fila di croci)
  16. Garringo
  17. Django the Bastard
  18. Shango
  19. Arizona Colt Returns
  20. Sabata the Killer
  21. Apocalypse Joe
  22. W Django
  23. They Believed He Was No Saint
  24. Tequila
  25. Dallas
  26. Cjamango
  27. Don’t Wait Django…Shoot!
  28. If You Want to Live…Shoot!
  29. Cowards Don’t Pray
  30. Vengeance Trail

(Asa) #694

:grin: Yeah, I won’t be doing that for a good while myself either. I mean there’ll always be a small clutch of films I’ll want to go to around the day itself, but 28 or so Christmas films (plus a couple of New Year’s Eve titles to polish off the month) is brutal, WAY more so than 31 Days of Halloween or SpagvemberFest.

I do really pick up the bug though for watching movies in vaguely themed blocks. Look what I’ve got jotted on my notepad:

Earlier this year I entertained myself with an “Elvis” week, a “Shark” weekend and a “Dystopian” Easter weekender. I think it helps focus me with what to watch.

(Phil H) #695

Of those I think the Pam Grier, Classic Japan, 70s Cop and John Carpenter weeks look most tempting.
You’ve got me thinking now.

(morgan) #696

These are my Spagvember films rated by my Django excel sheet. Only 26 films, but 30 viewings.

Per un pugno di dollari 9,5
Boot Hill 7,4
Bandidos 7,0
Challenge of the McKennas 7,0
El Bandido Malpelo 7,0
A Minute to Pray, a Second to Die 6,9
Requiem for a Bounty Killer 6,9
L’ultimo killer 6,9
Death Rides a Horse 6,7
A Pistol For Ringo 6,6
Death Sentence 6,6
Fury of Johnny Kid 6,6
Vendetta at Dawn 6,6
Why Go on Killing? 6,6
Find a Place to Die 6,4
The Forgotten Pistolero 6,4
Dead Men Don’t Make Shadows 5,7
Ace High 5,6
Savage Guns 5,0
A Barrel Full of Dollars 4,9
Poker With Pistols 4,4
Brother Outlaw 3,3
A Fistful of Death 2,6
Kill the Poker Player (not rated)
Si quieres vivir dispara (not rated)
The Last Traitor (not rated)

(morgan) #697

That was a surprise! :grinning:

So I have over the three last days read the whole thread, 695 postings, taking my time, following links and checking up on films that I haven’t seen or forgot about, also taking some notes. And wonder above all wonders, I ended up with a new list of exactly thirty films to watch/rewatch. Is this a sign that I will be around here next November?

But for now I need to get out of this bubble…


How right you were, Asa. And what a great job the electee has been doing so far … I mean, frankly, it’s great, just great – the highest level of great. One of those fake-news-papers called his recent visitation of Britain “the visit from hell.” The Trump’s-Day-Machine is in full motion: one year down, three to go. I really do not not care, do u not?

(Sebastian) #699

Will there be a Spag(h?)vemberfest 2018? If so, I think it should get its own topic and I wanna announce it via the newsletter as well

(Sebastian) #700

Love it :slight_smile: Can we have artwork for 2018?

(Bill san Antonio) #701

Sure :smiley: