3.A Reason to Live, a Reason to Die (1972)

I really didn’t want to revisit this one again since I didn’t care too much for it, but recently I obtained a (Custom Composite) upgrade with better picture quality and with James Coburn own dubbed voice, minor a few initial lines . So, I can say for sure that this time around I enjoyed it more.

(scherpschutter) #483

This is the You Tube link:

There’s also an upload with Italian audio, but it’s fullscreen and picture quality is even worse

(Asa) #484

I’ve earmarked this one for viewing in a couple of weeks’ time. :+1:

(Bill san Antonio) #485

You should get Koch Media’s dvd. The picture is very sharp.

(Bill san Antonio) #486

Aand my third film of the spagvemberfest is…

Fidani: A Barrel Full of Dollars
-Like i said previous years: what would be a spagvemberfest without Fidani? This is one of the Fid’s better films, especially with few beers. 6/10

(morgan) #487

Thanks, I’ll check it out.

Thanks Bill. I have placed my order.

(Nick) #488

I missed the first day, but yesterday I spent the evening watching Gli Specialisti. For some reason it’s not as remarkable as I remember when watching it eight years ago, but I still enjoyed myself.

Tonight I will be picking a Fidani film at random! Along with liquor as well!

(morgan) #489

6. A Fistful of Death

The Fidani film I just saw seems to have been made back to back to the previous one I saw (A Barrel Full of Dollars). It is not based on the novel above. But I wish it was. No pain felt, only numbness for the first hour, and for the last half hour dread and wonder. Are there worse films made during the SW filone, or is this rock bottom?

(El Topo) #490

A town called hell 1971 - Robert Parrish

Well I’m not sure if I make it to the end but I’ll try.
I’ve start this with the one spag they I would like to like more. A great cast, some cool scenes, but somehow there’s something missing to be among the big ones, or at least the middle class big ones.
I’m sure there’s some sort of editing problem with this movie, still it a great and unique cast it was a great way to start this marathon.

(El Topo) #491

Viva La Muerte Tuya - 1971 - Ducio Tessari

Are another one with a great potential, but somehow of a let-down to me, it works sometimes as a comedy but not entirely a good one, I don’t know I think instead of Nero maybe Millian would have been better, or maybe not.
At least in second day still in the Mexican Revolution, and in 1971 the year I was born, I keep the year during the spagvemberFest

(morgan) #492

There are a couple of 1971 spags I’m really anxious to hear your opinion of :slight_smile:

(Bill san Antonio) #493

4… Cardone: 7 Dollars on the Red
-Otherwise pretty average Anthony Steffen film but it has really great ending. And there’s also Sancho who is always a pleasure for me (gotta just love his way of shooting with revolver) and there’s hilarious Steffen’s “roll in the stairs and shoot” act that is worthy of… rolling in the stairs-oscar or something. :smiley:

(morgan) #494

Which release did you watch?


Cool beans!:wink:

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My first double-bill day of Spagvember, and I’m warming myself right up with some springy-bouncy acrobatics in the form of the wonderfully daft and ever-popular Sabata (Parolini, 1969), or Sartana² as Gianfranco Parolini doubtless envisioned it. Is there a catchier theme song in the genre? There’s not many, and they’re all kind-of catchy.

I’ll need to be warmed up too, because once Sabata’s over I’ll be “gettin’ chilly with it” in front of a wintery, snowbound spag. No, not that one - I’ll be getting to that one much later in the month - but the other one: Taste of Death (Merolle, 1968). It’s quite a change of pace from Sabata and I’m guessing that if I watched them back-to-back Taste of Death’s sombre tone might be mistaken for a lack of energy but I’m watching the Parolini caper right now and won’t be getting to Sergio Merolle’s sole movie until late tonight, where it’s much more suited.



I’m not a big fan of Western comedies, but some I do like as long they’re not full blown slap/stick shit, which I absolutely hate.
So, with a new Bluray version, I revisited this one again and what a huge upgrade this is over the old fullscreen pan/scan formatted version. The film itself is not that great, but I do like Richard Harrison and Donal O’Brien in this romp and they’re quite good. So, in the end what counts is that it entertained me and I had a few good laughs and a few beers.:slight_smile:

(El Topo) #498

The Spanish DVD from Suevia

Video: 2.35:1 (16:9) PAL 93 m runtime

(Asa) #499


Kicking off my day early with some morning wood (oo-er, missus!) in the form of Anthony “The Steff” Steffen as Garringo (Marchent, 1969), my favourite Steffen picture and the first of only two occasions upon which I’ll be visiting the big man over this SpagvemberFest. Eh? No Shango? No Django the Bastard? No Seven Dollars on the Red? Some Dollars For Django? No Room to Die? For shame! Ah well, at least that’s a week’s worth of SpagvemberFest 2018 sorted out already.

Later on this afternoon though I shall be tucking into one of my favourite “Sunday Afternoon” spags.

-Knock knock!
-Who’s there?
-“It’s Zapata time”!
-“It’s Zapata time" who?
-It’s Zapata time we watched A Bullet For the General (Damiani, 1966), don’t you reckon?

I just made that joke up! Can you tell? Ah, I’m wasted on you gringos.


[quote=“last.caress, post:499, topic:3590”]
A Bullet For the General[/quote]

After the credits rolled, did you buy bread, or dyyyynamiiiite?

(Sebastian) #501

I’m not so into the fest this year, flying on vacation tomorrow. But I did managed to rewatch Man of the East today. So it’s a token participation