Spaghettis on German vhs

I´m interested to know which of the many spaghettis released on old German rental tapes that never had an English language release… must be a few of these. The German tapes are quite a jungle to go through as the titles are pretty imaginative and strange (for me). And of course everything is dubbed, so to get those is just a last resort… as i want to get as many of the spaghettis as possible on an original vhs-release. (Yep, just one of those ideas you get sometimes, not very rational).
some i think of so far are;
Aventuras de oestes
Arizona colt returns / Arizona si scatenò… e li fece fuori tutti
Sette pistole per un massacro
I Tre del Colorado

must be many more… anyone knows??

I have Arizona si scatenò… e li fece fuori tutti as an Italian vhs-release !

Interested ? See the cover below !

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thanks, but i´m not to fond of those later cartonsleeve releases…
some more i believe never was out on video in English that the Germans put out;
Il Ritorno di Clint il solitario
Un Hombre Y Un Colt
Una Forca per un bastardo