Spaghetti Westerns With Sequels - List

Hi all! I was thinking it would be neat to round up and hogtie the spaghetti western movies that are part of a series. I’d like to only acknowledge movies here that are part of an OFFICIAL series. I know sometimes directors and/or actors change. However, we all know that popular names like Django, Ringo, Sartana, and so forth spawn sequels that are not only unofficial, but also unrelated! So here we list only official series.

I know of several that could be part of an official series, but I’m going to kick this topic off my merely listing the ones I’m sure of. (I’m not sure about the Sabata, Sartana, and Shanghai Joe movies, for example.) I’ll try to update this list here as people comment and help build up the list. For starters:

The Django series
Django (1966, Sergio Corbucci)
Django Strikes Again (1987, Nello Rossati)
Django Lives! (TBA, Joe D’Augustine)
Recurring character: Franco Nero as Django

The Cuchillo series
The Big Gundown (1967, Sergio Sollima)
Run, Man, Run (1968, Sergio Sollima)
Recurring character: Tomas Milian as Cuchillo.

The Trinity and Bambino series
They Call Me Trinity (1970, Enzo Barboni)
Trinity Is Still My Name (1971, Enzo Barboni)
Recurring characters: Mario Girotti as Trinity, Carlo Pedersoli as Bambino

Here’s a kind of similar list I made 5 years ago:,2772.0.html

Interesting list! I believe Van Cleef’s Sabata movies are sequels, but I’m not sure if the second one (aka Indio Black) is really part of the series. As far as I know Gemma’s Ringo character is totally different in his movies. And Eastwood’s Man With No Name is debatable. I like to think the Dollars Trilogy follows the same guy chronologically from The Good, the Bad and the Ugly to A Fistful of Dollars and concludes with For a Few Dollars More. But I don’t know if the evidence is really there.

Another good question is if any SW sequel truly builds upon the first in the series. Do characters ever grow and evolve?