Spaghetti westerns with horror elements!

(Mike Hauss) #1

I am compiling a list of Italian westerns with horror elements in them. So far I have the most obvious ones in And God Said to Cain, Django the Bastard, Vendetta at Dawn Four of the Apocalypse, Keoma and Django Kill… If you live Shoot. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Even films with faux horror is okay. Thank you!


Cut-Throats Nine had horror elements.

(Mike Hauss) #3

Right! Forgot about that one. I guess the Sartana and Holy Ghost films would also be included as they did have some supernatural elements to them.

(tomas) #4

So, supernatural or horror? Not really the same thing. I havent seen The Scalps, aint that a horror a bit?


To me, Scalps(1987) felt like a sexploitation and not horror. It had a scalping and showed a beheaded head though.

Full movie:


If You Meet Sartana has horror elements during the last scene especially.

(Andy) #7

Cut-throats Nine was the only spaghetti that actually shocked me in a horror movie kind of way. Except for seeing Tomas Milian sucking a cow’s udder in Sonny & Jed, that left me pretty traumatized :rofl:

(kevenz) #8

there’s one western with craig hill called In nome del padre, del figlio e della Colt I believe…. he starts by raping a girl in the begining… from what I remember it wasn’t exactly horror maybe but quite a dark film.


I like the poster. It seems to go by the name The Masked Thief as well.


(Nick) #10

A Town Called Hell has a few horror elements. Stella Stevens being driven around in a herse and sleeping in a coffin. There’s the odd dream sequence as well with her looking like a vampire and stabbing the camera.

Shoot the Living and Pray for the Dead also has some bit’s of horror (or at least the general feeling of the film I guess), especially with Mario Migaraldi’s spooky score.

And God Said To Cain also has this feeling of dread about it, combined with the dark atmosphere and creepy tornado I guess you could say it’s horror themed.


It can be argued that the original Django had horror elements. Django drags around a coffin to a bleak, muddy nearly-ghost town, encounters hooded executioner-like figures, and almost dies in a final bloody graveyard scene.

(Mike Hauss) #12

True! All great inclusions! Thank you!

(Mickey13) #13

I’m surprised no one mentioned Requiem para el gringo

(Nick) #14

That ending eclipse scene is super cool. I just wish the film had a better director and cinematographer, it could have really shined with a story like that.

(tomas) #15

El Rojo with the scarface pistolero is probably scariest thing I’ve seen in a spagh. But it is only in uncut version, I think.

(Bill san Antonio) #16

How about the Grim Reaper in the end of Fury of Johnny Kidd? Maybe more surreal moment than horror?

(Mike Hauss) #17

Right! Perfect!



Shoot Joe, and Shoot Again -…it has horror elements IMO.

(Mike Hauss) #19

Right! Darn good examples!

(Piripero) #20

There are horror elements and atmosphere in the ghost town portions of both Kill The Wickeds and Mátalo!