Spaghetti Westerns with Hillbilly Protagonists?

Kind of an obscure request, but anyone know of any Spaghetti Westerns with protagonists that would fit the stereotypical definition of an American Hillbilly? I’ve been on a bit of a kick reading books and watching movies with those sorts of characters in them recently, and was wondering if there any Spaghetti Westerns that feature heroes who fit that archetype.

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If you ever decide to go into certain parts of Appalachia for a visit, I advise that you not throw that “offensive stereotype” around too freely. :rofl:

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Haha, guess I should clarify I don’t mean to sound like I agree with those stereotypes of people living in the Ozark/Appalachian mountains. I’m actually quite interested in the history of those areas, which is partly why I’m interested in seeing if there are any films which feature characters from them. Seems like it’s one of the few ways they are ever represented in films, or at least in popular Westerns.

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Patience Has a Limit We Don’t, Tedeum come to mind.


Tomás Ares Pena (Xan das Bolas) as bandit leader Buddy, and his cohort in Cut Throats Nine have a ‘Deliverence’ rednech/Hillbilly vibe as they crash out of the mountain wilderness and set upon the chain gang. Protagonists, yes, but not heros. Hillbillies get a worse rap in cinema than native Americans.


Terence Hill and his Ma & Pa (and even Bud Spencer) give off pretty strong and stereotypical hillbilly vibes in the “Trinity” films. They also come off as ironic and knowing and more clever than their supposedly sophisticated targets and enemies.


Thanks for the heads up. Actually saw the first Trinity film, but didn’t catch it. Wasn’t really looking, though, so probably worth checking out again.

Love that idea in stories. It’s always great seeing people turn whatever condescending stereotypes other have about them to their advantage.

Been meaning to check that one out already but wasn’t aware of that. Agree “hillbillies” tend to get used a lot as easy villains, one of the reasons why I was looking for anything that may have them as heroes. Also why I especially like movies like Winter’s Bone.

Thanks for the heads up. Hah, looking at Patience has a Limit, We Don’t, I can already see what you mean.
Patience Has a Limit We Dont