Spaghetti westerns that deserve more reconigition


Here are a few spags that i think deserve more respect,these are better than some of the “popular” spaghetti’s in my humble opinion.JOHNNY HAMLET-10.000 DOLLARS BLOOD MONEY-FORGOTTEN PISTOLERO. What are some others that you think are worthy of more reconigtion?

(Bill san Antonio) #2

here’s few:

Sonny & Jed
Black Jack
Death sentence
In Colt’s Shadow
El Puro
China 9 Liberty 37
Adios Gringo
Django the Last Killer
Dead Men Ride
Requiem for a Bounty hunter


I will second Sonny & Jed as I have always enjoyed this film from when I first viewed it in the eighties for the first time.

(Phil H) #4

Man Called Noon

(Søren) #5

Can second many of those Bill san Antonio mentions above. Add Long Live Your Death to the list.

(violentprofessional) #6

Yankee *.
Kill The Wicked.
Fedra West.
Revenge For Revenge.
Bury Them Deep.
Wrath Of God *.
Cost Of Dying.
$20000 For Every Corpse *.

  • Looking for English audio or subtitled versions.

(Bill san Antonio) #7

[quote=“violentprofessional, post:6, topic:633”]Yankee *.

  • Looking for English audio or subtitled versions.[/quote]This is going to be released by Koch media this year. I believe it’s going to have english subtitles.

(Bluntwolf) #8

Definately ‘Cost of Dying’ !!! Very good movie in my opinion !!!

(me) #9

[quote=“Bill san Antonio, post:2, topic:633”]here’s few:

China 9 Liberty 37[/quote]
I believe This movie was written by the famous creator of the Z Channel Jerry Harvey.

(korano) #10


Shoot the Living, Pray for the Dead
Beyond the Law
Price of Death
Taste of Vengeance
Man: Pride and Vengeance
Get Mean

(Stanton) #11

Requiem para el gringo
John the Bastard
The Last Killer
Dead Men Ride
El desperado

Still El puro

and of course Boot Hill and the other 2 Collizi Spags.

(ENNIOO) #12

The Ruthless Four.

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #13

Tequila Joe
Stranger at Paso Bravo
Cry for Revenge
32 Caliber Killer

(Dillinger) #14

Gentleman Joe


W Django

(Bill san Antonio) #15

[quote=“Dillinger, post:14, topic:633”]Escondido[/quote]do you mean

or is it some other title?

(Dillinger) #16

I mean desperado.

Man, these titles…

(Stanton) #17

I mean it too


Cowards don’t pray (I Vigliacchi non pregano)
Shoot the living and pray for the dead

(chuck connors brother) #19

Taste of Death
Dead Men Ride
Train For Durango

(ENNIOO) #20

You are the first person with an 80’s Spaghetti on their list, and why not.