Spaghetti Westerns (rev. ed.) (Howard Hughes, 2009)

Tom Betts reports on a new revised edition coming out in May:

Cool, i wonder what the revisions are.

No misunderstandings, that’s the small one, the pocket essential, not the big one, which was named Once upon a Time in the Italian West.

Picked up a copy of this yesterday. I’ve only read the introduction so far but it reads well so far.

I have a suspicion that its release was postponed because Kamera are also the publishers of Alex Cox’s “10,000 Ways to Die” and they did not want them to directly compete against each other in sales. The concept behind both books seems to be essentially very similar.

It looks interresting. Novecento, what films does it review?

Specific sections on 34 of the most well-known ones. Curiously the back of the book seems to list only 20 of the ones included in the book.

The book is a revised edition of his previous 2001 “Spaghetti Westerns” book. However, the publisher is no longer “Pocket Essentials”, but “Kamera”, so it is not billed as a revised edition.

Okay thanks. As I said before, it looks good and I may buy it.

I just received a copy from the publisher and will be reviewing it sometime over the coming week.

Looking forward to it. By the way, the publication date in this thread should read 2010 not 2009 anymore.

Finished reading this. It is a nice and quick little read, and Howard Hughes has a nice writing style. My two criticisms of fact are:

  1. Leone did influence the direction of and personally direct several scenes in “My Name is Nobody”.
  2. Bacalov says that he wrote the music to “Bullet for the General” without Morricone whose name was included for commercial reasons

One more:

  1. I think Stanton or someone else pointed out that Corbucci direct “Hellbenders” in a manner that would please Albert Band rather than how he wanted to direct it. I had understood that the situation was similar to Leone in “The Last Days of Pompeii” which is not generally considered to be a ‘Leone film’ as such.

My review of the book is up on the site now for those interested.

The book is a good read in my opinion but really only a beginners guide. Nothing new for the veteran fan but nice to have and possibly a good gift for someone you know who is just getting into the genre.

Very nicely done Phil. I will check out the book.

With 150 pages Hughes has 50 pages added to the old edition.

I would like to know which films he has added.

Nice review Phil, but how about a complete list of all the films he reviews?

Okey doke. Here you go.

Fistful of Dollars
One Silver Dollar
Seven Guns For the MacGregors
A Pistol for Ringo
For a Few Dollars More
Return of Ringo
The Hills Run Red
Navajo Joe
Stranger in Town
Bullet for the General
Good, the Bad and the Ugly
The Hellbenders
The Big Gundown
Django Kill
Death Rides a Horse
Face to Face
The Big Silence
Day of Anger
Cemetery Without Crosses
Once Upon a Time in the West
Today It’s Me…Tomorrow You
A Professional Gun
Price of Power
Adios Sabata
Man Called Sledge
They Call Me Trinity
Duck You Sucker
Trinity is Still My Name
My Name is Nobody

Cemetery Without Crosses
Today It’s Me…Tomorrow You
Adios Sabata

These 3 are the newly added ones. I was somehow sure that the new edition would contain Cemetery without Crosses.

Phil, I’m not sure if I’ll buy the new one.
Could you give us his /5 ratings for all the films above, if they are still there, and his top 10, if the book still has one.

Not having any Sartana on there really sucks.

Could have done with a couple more Robert Woods westerns.

Strangely, he doesn’t give a rating for any of the films with full blown reviews (I guess he figures the reviews speak for themselves in that regard) but he does in a list at the back of other films mentioned but not reviewed.