Spaghetti Westerns on UK TV

Dunno if this is well known or not. But for UK members there are a lot of spags regularly being shown on Movies4men (freeview channel). These include:

Taste of Killing
Bury Them Deep
Don’t Wait Django…Shoot
Fighting Fists of Shanghai Joe
Brother Outlaw
A Bullet for the General
Today its Me…Tomorrow Its You

Might have forgotten one or two. Don’t Wait Django and Shanghai Joe were actually shown tonight. Brother Outlaw was on this morning.

I didn’t know that! The f*cker of that is that I don’t get Movies4Men :’(. It’s great to know though that at least someone somewhere is still airing these things in the UK. We don’t seem to have given Spags the same love as our American or German brethren.

Why don’t you get Movies4men? Its free to air on Freeview. Unless you have Sky or something, not sure if its available thru satellite.

We’re on Virgin cable TV, they don’t carry it. Our TVs are all Freeview enabled of course but we don’t have a digital aerial. I tell myself that sorting that out is very much on the “to do” list but in truth it’s really more in Development Hell. I’ll get there. :slight_smile:

Well, finally ditched Virgin and went with Freeview, some weeks ago now. And tonight on Movies4Men: Django (playing right now), then One Damned Day at Dawn… Django Meets Sartana, and then The Grand Duel! I mean, hardly anything Earth-shattering for the veterans of this site but… f*ck! A UK channel broadcasting a Spag triple-bill on a Saturday! I can scarcely comprehend it! I’m so excited, I’m having to end all of my sentences with exclamation points!

I’m going to put my cowboy boots on, this is so exciting!

They’ve been showing quite a number of Spaghetti Westerns, mostly on repeat, but there’s a few interesting titles in there, like Today It’s Me… Tomorrow’s It’s You.

The Ruthless Four (Capitani, 1968) is on right now, on a channel called Talking Pictures TV (Freeview ch.81). Dunno whether they regularly show Spags but I’m going to keep an eye on it. I’d never heard of the channel tbh, I just sort-of stumbled across it flicking through the numbers.

Gotta love movies4men! Keoma is on later tonight.

It’s on every week along with the same handful of others

A whole day of spaghettis & Eurowesterns tomorrow on movies4men from 6am until 2:45am.

Here’s a list of the films showing:

White Comanche
Brother Outlaw
Boot Hill
A Bullet for the General
Taste of Killing
Durango is Coming
Buffalo Bill
Dynamite Joe
Price of Power
Don’t Wait, Django… Shoot!
Bury Them Deep

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It’s fantastic to see such a Spag bonanza laid out for the oft-ignored UK viewership, but you’d have to be either a masochist, a lunatic or William Shatner to get up at 6am on a Sunday morning to watch White Comanche. :laughing:

Yeah, it’s pretty bad. :smiley: Still funny to watch though.

My take on White Comanche, the two-Shats-for-one spectacular

I just counted and realised I haven’t actually watched it in 10 years. :laughing:

On Movies4Men today:
Right now - Durango is Coming - Pay or Die
5pm - Buffalo Bill - Hero of the West
6.55pm - Dynamite Joe
9pm - Six Gun Savior (a 2016 supernatural western starring Eric Roberts)
11.05pm - Don’t Wait Django… Shoot!
12.45am - Keoma

Dynamite Joe – not to be missed. A truly implacable Western. Like its hero.