Spaghetti Westerns on Tubii

So - I just discovered Tubii on my Playstation Network account (in North America). No subscription fee, tons of movies that play after watching a single ad.

There appears to be a lot of westerns and cult genre films available for viewing including some Spaghetti Westerns.

On my list to watch right now:

Chino (1971)
A Man Called Sledge (1971)
6 Bullets to Hell (2016) (Music by Ennio Morricone)

Would be curious to know if anyone else has been checking out Tubii platform on PSN and has nay Western / Spaghetti Westerns they would recommend.

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I get Tubi via the App section on my TV, and they do have a fair amount of SWs on there, but a lot of them seem to come from tired prints or really old VHS transfers. They do carry the Arrow Video transfers of the Ringo and Sartana films I know.

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Thanks for the feedback on my question, very much appreciated.

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No problem Amigo, glad to help.