Spaghetti Westerns - On Internet Radio

I want to invite everyone to check out my Internet radio site on “FUZZ Station”. It is located at:

The page is dedicated to Spaghetti Western soundtracks and that is all that you will hear. I will be adding more and more titles with time, most likely topping out at over 1000 songs when all is said and done. All of the titles will be taken directly from the music in my collection. Stop by, give it a listen, and say hello!

interesting idea, but unfortunately i can’t check it out …

Why is that? Is there a block? Is the site not working? ?

FUZZ is not available outside of the United States at this time…

Ah…great…so much for that. Wonder if there is another option…?

Yeah, one can download a program which hides your true IP address.

I had one on my last PC.

I would have to think there would be some sort of work around…

For the record, I added songs from: Lo Voglio Morto, L’Uomo Dall Pistola D’Oro, Il Figlio Di Django, Johnny Oro and many many more. I currently have over 300 songs ready to play, with many many…many more to go.

Yikes, it doesn’t even work in Canada!

A+ for effort though James :slight_smile:

Works for me, and it’s fantastic. Thanks!

Thanks Cat! Glad it is working for someone… :stuck_out_tongue:

Have added songs from - 100,000 Dollari Per Ringo, Once Upon A Time In The West, Vendo Cara Le Pella and Uno Di Piu’ All’Inferno…more to come…

Damn… what a pity it doesn’t work for me… :frowning:

I’m a film score collector, but my collection of Spaghetti Western music isn’t as robust as it should be, so I’m REALLY enjoying what you’ve done here! Thanks so much!

Works fine for me, and this is KILLER, man! Cheers for this hard work, and please keep it up! :slight_smile:

Works great for me! Listening right now with a nice cup of coffee and sweet bread. :slight_smile:

I’ve been listening to this non-stop for the past few days. Thanks again.

I only have one problem with the station, and that’s the theme track to “Uno Dopo l’Altro,” which has the worst lyrics of maybe any song ever written. Maybe second worst. Maybe fifth worst. Maybe seventh. It seems to come up more often than other tracks, and I suspect I’m starting to get Stockholm syndrome. The last time it played, I found myself singing along!

LOL! Thanks for listening!

Well, I do have the station set to random so I am not sure why it keeps popping up. I have posted 9 songs from that soundtrack and there is only one vocal. Perhaps the random is not as random as I would like it to be. On top of that, there are over 400 songs total on the channel, so considering that, you should hear the song very infrequently. Not sure how to fix that. I guess I could take the setting off ‘random’ and then make them random manually. That is just a lot more work…and I am not even half way done with adding songs…

Please let me know if this continues to be a problem…and again, thanks for visiting the site.

This was mostly a tongue-in-cheek response. I probably just notice that one playing more often than others because of the horrible lyrics!

Adding more songs is good! I’ll keep listening.

Today I added songs from the following films:

…E Alla Fine Lo Chiamarono Jerusalem L Implacabile

…E Intorno A Lui Fu La Morte

…Si Incontri Sartana Prega per La Tua Morte

10 Bianchi Uccisi Da Un Piccolo Indiano

Visit all the songs here:

There will be much more to come!

James Z

Just wanted to send out a reminder about my site on FUZZ Station. It is all Spaghetti Western Soundtracks…all the time. All the songs are from the films. Stop by and have a listen. Thanks!