Spaghetti Westerns on Amazon Video [USA] +ticker+

Here we want to provide a running updated list of Spaghetti Westerns available on Amazon Video (both prime and paid-rental) in the US (.com-Amazon). Please let me know of titles I missed and I will add them. As with all Amazon links on the SWDb, they are referral links which yield a comission to the SWDb for us to pay to keep the lights on.

These are in no particular order. Please comment if you have info on the quality, versions, etc. Check back regularly for updates, additions and corrections.

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly (HD)

Kill them all and come back alone (SD)

Silver Saddle

My Name is Nobody (HD)

Once Upon a Time in the West

Lucky Luke

Hannie Caulder (HD)

Doc West 1 and 2 (HD)


Apache Woman (SD)

A Fistful of Dollars (HD)

The Dirty Fifteen (SD)

For a Few Dollars More (HD)

Django, Prepare a Coffin (SD)

I want him dead (HD)

Hellhounds of Alaska (HD)

Beyond the Law (SD)

A Taste of Killing (SD)

Arizona Colt (SD)

Blood at Sundown (SD)

Two Crosses at Danger Pass

Arizona Colt Returns (SD)

Death Rides a Horse (SD)

Rattler Kid (SD)

El Rojo (SD)

Forgotten Pistolero (HD)

Kill the Poker Player (SD)

And God said to Cain (SD)

The Seven from Texas (SD)

Light the Fuse, Sartana is coming

Killer Adios (SD)

Ace High

Price of Power

Comin at Ya! (HD)

Shanghai Joe

Stranger say your prayers (SD)

Day of Judgement (SD)

May God forgive you, I wont (SD)

Gentleman Killer (SD)

7 Pistols for a Massacre

A Long Ride from Hell (HD)

Hands of the Gunfighter (SD)

Blood Money (SD)

Bury them Deep (SD)

Duck, you sucker! (surprisingly only in SD)

Kill or be killed (SD)

Day of Anger (HD)

Cemetery without Crosses (HD)

Buddy goes west (SD)

7 Devils on Horseback (SD)

Tepepa (HD)

Vengenace is a dish served cold (SD)

They call me Trinity (SD)

My Name is Pecos

A Bullet for Sandoval (SD)

They still call me Amen (SD)

Boot Hill

Boot Hill (HD)

Death Rides a Horse (SD)

This Man Cant Die (SD)

Storm Rider (SD)


The Executioner of God

The Moment to Kill (SD)

Return of Shanghai Joe

Why go on killing (SD)

Savage Guns (SD)

Shango (SD)

Trinity is still my name (SD)

Miss Dynamite (SD)

Colorado Charlie (SD)

Cemetery without Crosses

If you meet Sartana, pray for your death

The Ruthless Four (SD)

Dont wait, Django. Shoot!

Shoot Gringo Shoot (SD)

Price of Death (SD)

Trinity and Sartana (SD)

Apocalypse Joe Clifford (SD)

A Stranger in Paso Bravo (SD)

Dead Men dont count


Matalo! Kill

Watchout Gringo - Sabata Will Return (SD)

Four Candles For My Colt (SD)

Hole In The Forehead


Django Kill. If You Live, Shoot! (HD)

Last of the Badmen

Winnetou the last shot (SD)

Brother Outlaw

Colt in the Hand of the Devil (SD)

Death walks in Laredo (SD)

Red Sun (SD)

Three Crosses Not To Die (SD)

Go with God, Gringo (SD)

Have a good Funeral my Friend, Sartana will pay

My Name is Nobody (SD - who knows why)

The Return of Ringo

No Killing without Dollars (SD)

Winnetou and the Red Gentleman (SD)

A Town Called Hell (SD)

The Last Killer (HD)

Long Days of Vengeance (SD)

God in Heaven, Arizona on Earth

Halleluja for Django (SD)

The Stranger Returns (HD)

My Horse, my Gun, your widow (SD) … what a title!

Finders Killers (SD)

Wanted Sabata (HD)

Death on a High Mountain (SD)

God made them, I kill them (SD)

Four Pistols for Trinity

The Great Silence (HD)

Black Killer (SD)

One after another (SD)

$100,000 for a Killing

Winnetou and the Oil Prince (SD)

Kill the Wicked (SD)

Time Breaker (SD)

The Man who cried for revenge (SD)

Adios Gringo

100 Rifles (HD)

Sheriff with the gold (SD)

Trinity and Carambola (SD)

Vengeance Trail (SD)

The Dirty Outlaws (SD)

Django defies Sartana (HD)

Run Man Run (SD)

Django’s Spur (SD)

One against one, one mercy (SD)

Bullets and the Flesh (SD)

7 Guns for the McGregors (SD)

Hallelluja and Sartana strike again (SD)

Son of Django

Bandidos (SD)

Sugar Colt

My Name is Mallory (SD)

Hands up dead man

Between God, The Devil and a Winchester - Digitally Remastered (SD)

Get Mean (HD)

Charity And The Strange Smell Of Money (SD)

Gunman sent by God (SD)

Django meets Sartana! (SD)

Sartana’s Here, Trade Your Pistol for a Coffin

The Crazy Bunch (SD)

Dynamite Joe (SD)

Fasthand is still my name (SD)

Bastard, Go and Kill Chaco (SD)

A Barrel full of dollars (SD)

Killer Kid (HD)

Tequila Joe (SD)

Three Bullets for Ringo

Have a Good Funeral my friend (HD)

Doc West (1)

And now make peace with your god (SD)

Django Kill: Director’s Cut

Four of the Apocalypse

A Bullet for the General (HD)

The Five Man Army (SD)

A Man called Sledge (HD)

Blindman (HD)

The Stranger’s Gundown

Sabata (HD)

Today we kill, tomorrow we die

Keoma (HD)

The Big Gundown

Return of Sabata

Man of the East

Companeros (HD)

Four of the Apocalypse (SD)

A Reason to live, a Reason to die

Day of Anger (HD)

Texas Adios

Cut Throats Nine (HD)

Ace High (SD)

A Sky Full of Stars for a Roof (SD)

Killer Kid

Navajo Joe

Massacre Time (SD)

Land Raiders (HD)

Return of Ringo

Wanted (SD)

Get Mean

Cry Onion


Black Jack

Three Musketeers of the West (SD)

Man, Pride and Vengeance (SD) which is of course not actually a spaghetti western

Death Rides a Horse (SD)

Mannaja (SD)

The Law of Violence

White Fang and the Gold Diggers (SD)

Bandidos (SD)

Gunman of Ave Maria (SD)

One Silver Dollar

God Forgives, his life is mine (SD)

Sheriff of Rock Springs

The Man from Oklahoma (SD)

Ringo and his golden Pistol (SD)

Django Story

The Ugly Ones

Hanging for Django

Ballad of Django

Taste of vengeance

Days of Violence

Clint the Stranger

Implacable Three

Shoot Gringo shoot

Dynamite Jim (SD)

Rita of the West (SD)

Ringo, the face of revenge (SD)

Light the Fuse, Sartana is comin (SD)

Gun for 100 Graves (SD)

Tex and the Lords of the Deep (SD)

Once Upon a Time in the West (HD)

7 Hours of Gunfire

Sartana’s here, trade your pistol for a coffin (SD)

A Stranger in Town (HD)

Sabata the Killer (SD)

Those Dirty Dogs (SD)

They call him Holy Ghost (SD)

I am Sartana, your Angel of Death (SD)

Pecos Cleans up (SD)

Cry of death (SD)

The Ruthless Four (SD)

All of the following are “empty” listings on Amazon, i.e. there is currently no file to play for whatever reasons but the film does have an entry (maybe because Amazon had a file, or the rights, at some previous point in time, or they just set these up just in case).

A Man Called Invincible

Savage Guns

Ben and Charlie

A Pistol for Ringo

Road to Fort Alamo

NIght of the Serpent


Long live your death - remastered

Those Dirty Dogs

Sartana in the Valley of Death

7 Dollars on Red

Lone and Angry Man

Trinity in Eldorado

A Man and a colt

I want him dead

One more to hell

Django shoots first

Ballad for a Gunman

Hate thy neighbor

El Cisco

You’re Jinxed Friend, You’ve Met Sacramento

They call me Halleluja

John the Bastard

If you want to live, shoot

Train for Durango

The boldest job in the west

Shanghai Joe

Django kill… if you live, shoot

Django the last killer


Gatling Gun

10,000 for a massacre

Colt in the hand of the Devil

The Return of Halleluja

Blood Money

Django the Bastard

In a Colt’s shadow

Among Vultures


Fort Yuma Gold


Forgotten Pistolero

Roy Colt and Winchester Jack

Johnny Yuma

Death Sentence


Bounty Killer for Trinity

Django the condemned

God is my colt

Any gun can play

It can be done amigo - remastered

Ringo of Nebraska

Massacre Time

God forgives, I dont

Kill and pray

The Man who shot Billy the Kid

Pray to God and dig your grave

A Fistful of Dynamite

Apache Woman

Day of Anger

The Grand Duel - remastered

The Rope and the Colt

Django the Bastard

A Man called Django

Silver Saddle

Johnny Oro

The Stranger in Japan

Hanging for Django

Holywater Joe

Ringo face of revenge

Halleluja for Django


I did check out a little of There’s a Noose Waiting for You Trinity on Amazon Prime, and while the picture quality isn’t too bad, it’s far from a Digitally Remastered print. The Audio quality was bad though, and I found myself turning the volume up to 100, and that was with the Air Conditioning on.