Spaghetti Westerns of the 1980's

When ever I come across a spaghetti western that has a date in the 80’s, I am immediatley intrigued. I know that Tex and the Lord of the Deep, Scalps, Django Strikes Again, Buddy Goes West, and Comin at Ya were all made in the 80’s. What are some others?

Apache Kid / White Apache.

Not to forget the Tex Movie with Giuliano Gemma. I even have troubles to think of some US Western of the 80’s (Silverado, Young Guns, Heavens Gate, Pale Rider , Long Riders ? ).

Already mentioned in the first post of this thread.

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Not surprising, Paco. The 80s was a wasteland for westerns. My western collection runs at over 400 films and I only have 8 made in the 80s.

The Long Riders
Heaven’s Gate
Pale Rider
Tex and the Lord of the Deep
The Mountain Men
Tom Horn
Young Guns

Pretty thin pickings.

If none of the few SWs of the 80s and 90s would have been made, I wouldn’t mourn.

Buddy Goes West had some nice production design and a nice Morricone score, but it’s anyway a pure comedie (and not a particular funny one), and therefore set apart.

Comin at Ya and Jonathan of the Bears had a few interesting moments, but are only interesting in comparison to the earlier works of their directors and leading actors.

Scalps was ok, White Apache not

Tex and Django Strikes Again are arrghhh

I’m sorry for Spencer/Hill teaming again as The Troublemakers, which also was argh

The best at least was E. B. Clucher’s Trinity and Babyface, which was funny because Signore Barboni had a talent for comedies, which in the 90s nobody was anymore interested in.

So the SW 80s/90s were mainly trying to bridle a dead horse

I think Django 2 is underrated. I love the beginning with William Berger.

I enjoyed last time round, and I have seen much worse…

I like the film, it’s great how it turns into an 80’s action film at one point and Nero runs around like Schwarzenegger in Commando :slight_smile:

Yeh I know what you mean…Mr. Muscle man :D.

I think alot of people hate Django 2 because they expected it to be like the original. But I think it should score extra points for trying to be different.

Hehe I think people would’ve cringed back in 1966 if they knew that the sequel to Django would involve Django running around the south american jungle shooting people accompanied by a kid wearing nothing but a loincloth.

Did somebody write a review to this? I remember to see something on the DB

[quote=“Gualixo, post:14, topic:1331”]Did somebody write a review to this? I remember to see something on the DB

The database has a synopsis:

genre ends 1978 with silver sadle

No, with Keoma, but in fact already a few years earlier with My Name is Nobody.

silver sadle it’s good sw not bad…