Spaghetti Westerns long enough for 2 VHS tapes?

I’m trying to find an old western I remember renting a couple of times from the local store as kid. I really can’t remember much about the movie other than it kinda focus on two guys that’s either brothers or maybe just best friends. I remember one of the guys kinda having blonde hair that wore a white shirt and used two pistols, while the other main guy had darker with a blue shirt and and pretty sure he also wore a vest, I think he only had one pistol. Another thing I kinda remember is I think they have a big gun fight at the end with a bunch of Mexican soldiers. (Least that’s how I remember them being dressed.) I figure the main thing to help narrow down my list of possibles is that it had a run time long enough that it would have come on a 2 VHS set like some versions of The Good, The Bad,…and Once Upon A Time… were.

Duck you sucker? Wild guess