Spaghetti Westerns! by Mike Hauss

Wow it is here! Congrats @Djangoisme


Amazon USA:

Amazon Germany:

Amazon UK:

Thanks for course also to everyone else involved, e.g. @Tom_B

SWDb entry is here:!_Volume_One


A few glitches fixed, it’s now waiting for knowledge-hungry fans to be bought!!_Volume_One

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got mine in the post today looks great a nice easy and enjoyable read!

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And volume 2 is almost ready too @Djangoisme can you give us a teaser? :wink:

I’m just about to order Vol 2 it’s up at Amazon UK

I’ve started to read Volume 1 and have found Gunman of 100 crosses on YouTube. It’s dubbed in English with forced subtitles but watchable…gonna enjoy this one hopefully!! :grin::grin: . If Mike Hauss reads this Thank You sir this is a brilliant series of books and the hard work and years of research in the genre are evident, and I look forward to getting the upcoming titles in the future.

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I set up the page now, as well!_Volume_Two