Spaghetti Western typeface

(Starblack) #1


I need suggestions/examples of what you think are the most representative SW typefaces/fonts.

Any favourites used on posters/DVD/VHS covers/ads? The bold, blocky font used for the original Italian Gasparri Django posters springs to mind.

This site has examples of numerous fonts, including one called Spaghetti Western:

(cm215) #2

Check out: … there are 8 pages of western-styled typefaces. I am sure you’ll find what you need… I would think Eastwood is most particularly SW, but there are quite a number of good ones.

(p.pereira) #3

I used that one in my blog:

(Starblack) #4

Brilliant - thanks. Eastwood is indeed very SW; I also like Bacca and Toeris.

(p.pereira) #5

Yah me too.

This one is also a favourite: