Spaghetti Western Tracks in "Inglourious Basterds"

As expected, there’s some inspired re-use of classic themes in Tarantino’s latest, including tracks from The Big Gundown, The Return of Ringo, A Professional Gun, Death Rides a Horse and (in a French accordion version!) One Silver Dollar.

I wonder if these might work better for people who aren’t familiar with the originals and are not therefore distracted from the WW2 setting by a link to an entirely different film. But they work very well with the action on screen, and it’s great to have the work of Morricone (and Ferrio) treated with such respect and handed down to a new generation of film fans.

That has always been the positive aspect of Tarantino, in my opinion: His love for the pioneers of the SW-music!

The tracks “Dopo La Condonna” (you know, the SW-version of “Für Elise”) and “La Resa” from “La resa dei conti” are perfectly used. And as you said, the themes from “Il ritorno di Ringo”, “Un dollaro bucato” et cetera, are also used.

The most interesting choice of music isn’t a SW track though… No, it’s “Un Amico” from Sollima’s 1973-crimeflick, “Revolver”.

@ 2:42:

the shot in the belly and the ride by car were references to revolver in reservoir dogs, weren’t they?