Spaghetti Western Soundtrack Sale...starts NOW!

Hola, amigos y amigas!

Here is a link to a listing of some Italian Western soundtrack CDs I have up for sale.


All the pertinent purchasing information is listed on the web page.

Thanks for checking out my sale, folks!!

Hope all is going well with everyone!!

Hasta luego!

PS= All the CDs are ORIGINAL (they aren’t CD-R copies!).

are you broke or something? :wink:

Well, I don’t know about Chris, but I sure as hell am.
Didn’t stop me picking up a few of my favourite soundtracks from Chris’ sale though :wink:

broke is the new rich. haha

i just ordered a dvd from sweden for 27 bucks, just coz i gotta have it. but my spaghetti ordering days are numbered for this summer, i have about 15 unwatched discs here, and that’s only Sghettis…

Sigh…yes I just finished buying a bunch from Xploited and then THIS had to come up!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

So I bought 3 CDs anyway…if I’m going to be in the doghouse it may as well be for a good reason! I’ll just have to take out the portable CD player and listen to tunes while I’m out there…

Yeah a nice sale. I picked up two cd’s that had escaped me so far. Would have loved to have had that there Spaghetti Western Encyclopedia Set but I was way too slow :slight_smile: