Spaghetti Western Shirts!

German Online-Shop (“a safe place for psychos” ;D ) sells pretty cool shirts with “Dollars-Trilogy” motives!
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Too bad they’re from Germany, I wish a company here would do those. :frowning:

Try Ebay, they have everything!

Great idea, thanks! :slight_smile:

I see it’s been a while … but I got some great shirts off an American e-bay store. If this link works then look under Django and there’s 2 different designs for this + a coupla Sartana (Garko) ones, LVC and some Dollars ones. I got a few and they’re good value especially with the dollar being so crap - but I did get stuffed a bit with UK customs tax! Anyway - heres the link (fingers crossed)
(cool Cannibal Holocaust shirts as well)

Bugger - I just clicked the above link and it says the store dont exist?? I checked all the caps and hyphens and I dont seem to have made a mistake. Anyway I’m sure if anybody’s interested they’ll be able to find it in a search thru ebay. It is there somewhere.

It’s this one:

Thanks - I just realised I spelt Collecta(i)ble wrong.