Spaghetti Western SCRIPT's!

??? Hey amigos, it’s me again.
This time wanted to ask you if you know of some pages with scripts of spaghetti western like Django, For a Few Dollars More, etc. it would be of great help for my short if you can help me.

Atte. chaggy " mad dog "

Hmmm. A tricky one…I’ve not come across any. Have you tried those script websites? I’ll look around and see if I find anything for you ok? :slight_smile:

really tricky indeed. most scripts you find online are at least from the 1980s when people started using electric typwriters :frowning:

but i’ll see what i can do, chances are low though

Yeah, i had a look, as for some reasearch i was doing before my writing, but i couldnt find any sites which hosted any spaghettti westerns :frowning:

dang, any updates on this topic ?

I would love to see some aswell as I’m gona be writing a western comic/script soon so would be great to see an old style script of a Spaghetti Western…