Spaghetti western/s with the best action

I’m thinking either “a fistful of dollars” or “for a few dollars more”. Leone put more effort into those movies action-wise than he did with the rest IMO, or at least the action was more of a priority in those movies. The gunfights, duels, and over-the-top deaths are at their best in those movies. “The Mercenary” and “Companeros” are also really good action-wise.

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I love fliks like, the Anthony Steffen fliks Apocalypse Joe and No Room to Die, as these are action packed and usually end with a ten minute mass shootout with the hero taking on multiple guys


If I remember correctly, Apocalypse Joe’s second half is basically one huge shootout


Yeah Apocalypse Joe has an incredibly extended shootout for sure


The Apo Joe shoot-out lasts for half an hour. Unfortunately it is also totally boring.

Best mass shoot-outs in The Mercenary and Companeros, no doubt about that for me. And the best of the smaller ones and the best duel scenes are all in Leone and Corbucci films.


Massacre Time's big gunfight duel. Instead of guys getting shot off rooftops, George Hilton is shooting guys down while on the rooftop, while Franco Nero is doing some HK-esque moves on the ground.

Long Days of Vengeance also has a similar ending gundown to Apocalypse Joe (both are very long shootouts, in Long Days it’s 20 minutes to or so). I’d say it’s a lot better at being engaging than Apocalypse Joe's, and I love the action in Apocalypse Joe but I’ll admit that film’s ending gunfight overstays its welcome

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Is it just me or does a lot happen in Long Live Your Death?

The final fights from Trinity films are awesome and full of action.

Kill Them All and Come Back Alone comes to mind

I just watched apo joe (it’s free on, it’s alright. It’s notable for having a lot of action, but I wouldn’t say it’s particularly good or remarkable action, it’s very average, even a bit below in my opinion.