Spaghetti western rock!

Its a little strange, but I stumbled upon this bunch on youtube, and they are KILLER! 6Killer that is.
A Swedish bunch, that have seem to stuck the nerve. Is it me, or is this the best thing since coffee machines?

Anyway, since I’m a devoted Morricone fan myself, I thought I’d share this with you guys. or just try 6killer on youtube.
My favorites are “Aye, my brothers” and “Better Man”.

Would have been better instrumental.

Really? Don’t know about that… I kinda like the vocals. Nice touch.

Thanks for sharing Danny, good stuff!

Thanks for sharing. If I were ever to make an SW I think I know who would do the soundtrack!

@ Mort - Exactly! That was my first thought aswell.

A shame they don’t have all their songs on Myspace, cause I found a page that has little previews, & it sounds pretty cool.

Anybody know of any other bands in this genre? I’m pretty new to this western-type-thing music :slight_smile:

Hey Danny,

Thanks for the post, and for the link to 6killer. I love the music. Interesting name. I once knew a Cherokeee Indian family in northeast Oklahoma named Sixkiller.

If you like this kind of music, you’ll probably like James Wilsey as well;

Yeah, that’s probably where they got it… If it wasn’t from Lorenzo Lamas’ Partner in Renegade :smiley: Bobby Sixkiller. What a guy.

Really like the feel om Wilsey’s music, thanks for the tip!! Reminds me of Isaac.

Edit: Hahaa, just read that it was him on the Isaac-tune! Coool!