Spaghetti western rock!

(Danny_†) #1

Its a little strange, but I stumbled upon this bunch on youtube, and they are KILLER! 6Killer that is.
A Swedish bunch, that have seem to stuck the nerve. Is it me, or is this the best thing since coffee machines?

Anyway, since I’m a devoted Morricone fan myself, I thought I’d share this with you guys. or just try 6killer on youtube.
My favorites are “Aye, my brothers” and “Better Man”.

(I...I...Idiot) #2

Would have been better instrumental.

(Danny_†) #3

Really? Don’t know about that… I kinda like the vocals. Nice touch.

(Pacificador) #4

Thanks for sharing Danny, good stuff!

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #5

Thanks for sharing. If I were ever to make an SW I think I know who would do the soundtrack!

(Danny_†) #6

@ Mort - Exactly! That was my first thought aswell.

A shame they don’t have all their songs on Myspace, cause I found a page that has little previews, & it sounds pretty cool.

Anybody know of any other bands in this genre? I’m pretty new to this western-type-thing music :slight_smile:

(Seagoing.Cowboy) #7

Hey Danny,

Thanks for the post, and for the link to 6killer. I love the music. Interesting name. I once knew a Cherokeee Indian family in northeast Oklahoma named Sixkiller.

If you like this kind of music, you’ll probably like James Wilsey as well;

(Danny_†) #8

Yeah, that’s probably where they got it… If it wasn’t from Lorenzo Lamas’ Partner in Renegade :smiley: Bobby Sixkiller. What a guy.

Really like the feel om Wilsey’s music, thanks for the tip!! Reminds me of Isaac.

Edit: Hahaa, just read that it was him on the Isaac-tune! Coool!