Spaghetti western remakes

[quote=“Bad Lieutenant, post:17, topic:1407”]You obviously haven’t seen the original.à_e_Sartana_figli_di…[/quote]


I have a better idea

Let Morricone write a new score for …

and of course a spaghetti veteran like Django Nero has to be included to warm the hearts of us westerners…

i want remake for the original sartana

Here are few of my ideas.

Ron Perlman as Sabata in Sabata Rides Into Hell

Adrian Brody as Django in Lay Your Pistol down, Django! Lay That Pistol Down.

Vincent Cassel as Sartana in Sartana the Mighty

Please no! The original will always be supreme. Why make a new one?

even more trash series the original can go higher and higher and will more known for those how haven’t seen it yet

I don’t think a remake is necessary for movies with Django & Sartana.
They can just continue the series…

Trust me, half of the time when a film is remade, the newer generation never bother to see the original.
But that’s not the case with follow-ups to a series.

Django remake is still on… apparently

It’s Another Django imitator, just made a few decades later lol

If only it was set a few decades later too:

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