Spaghetti western locations for sale

You may have heard that the Sweetwater set was (or still is?) up for sale. Or the valley with the Exodus set. Even, just behind that, the farmhouse that was the monastery and the location of the final shootout of The Big Gundown (and also featured in other films) was briefly on the market a few years ago. Or the fortress where the scene with starving soldiers in GBU was filmed could be had for just a few million Euros.

Out of curiosity, I browse the real estate market in these areas regularly. Today I found a new one. The massive house, now restored and pink, on the far right of the photo, right opposite Tepepa’s prison.

If I remember correctly, this house is never actually seen in Tepepa, only its two directly neighbouring houses, but you’d always see a great location when you’re looking out the window. :slight_smile:

I’ll keep posting here if I find more locations for sale, if anyone’s interested. Of course, it doesn’t happen every week. These are rare nuggets. :wink: