Spaghetti Western Festival in the USA!

Saludos, amigos y amigas!

I don’t know if this has been mentioned here before, or not.
If it has…then please forgive the redundancy.

There is going to be a Spaghetti Western Festival in California on March 19th!
For more information, you can check out the official website for this event here:

It is about time they had something like this here in the USA!!
I, for one, am not going to miss it!!

Sounds like a great line up of guests. Wish I could be there.

Are they really only showing two movies though? Fistful of Dollars and one other? Seems to me the roster of names turning up warrant more than a double bill.

Great group of guests, but not too many directors or actresses.

wish I could come along.

Hope you have a nice time Chris.

Couldn’t grab some signatures for me could ya :wink:

Since the festival is only for one day…and they plan on having a big panel discussion and the like…I personally thought that they were pushing it to squeeze in two films.
It would be great if they had more, but I don’t know that time would warrant it.

Most of the directors and actresses—that are still living—are based in Europe. As this is the first shot at a Festival…I doubt the funds are there to allow them to bring in many, if any, folks from overseas. I know they have invited several though.
And don’t forget…there will be many more celebrity guests to come (they say). So, what they show on their website isn’t the definitive list.
For example, I know that John Saxon is going to be there; but, they don’t have him listed, yet.

I would imagine that budgetary concerns are an issue with the number of films that are being show, as well.

I am just glad to see that someone is trying to hold a Spaghetti Western related event here in the USA!

[quote=“Yodlaf Peterson, post:4, topic:2618”]wish I could come along.

Hope you have a nice time Chris.

Couldn’t grab some signatures for me could ya ;)[/quote]

Wish you could come along, as well, amigo!
I am not sure how things will be set up for autographs and the like; but, I could give it a try…!
You never know!

Here are a few updates regarding the California SW Festival in March…

Unfortunately, John Saxon had to bow out. Don’t know why.


HUNT POWERS (aka Jack Betts) is going to be there!

Also, they have added a couple more films to the schedule (GATLING GUN, DEAD MEN DON’T COUNT).

There will likely be even more updates…and soon!

Had a feeling for some reason John Saxon may not end up attending.