Spaghetti Western Bible 4 Trinity

I was checking on instore availabilty for Vol.3 when I saw a listing for the Spaghetti Western Bible 4 Trinityhttp://“±+DVD/18266003.p?id=2060122&skuId=18266003&st=Spaghetti%20Western&lp=1&cp=1”. Sorry if this was already announced here.

I know in the thread for Vol.3, that a lot of the people there have been putting this series down. I recently finished watching the Sartana set and was very happy. I don’t have the budget to buy individual copies of these movies (especially the more expensive quality disks). So for me, the chance to see these films with 'decent ’ transfers and ‘mostly’ in widescreen for $15 is great. It sure beats combing the Western channel and finding the same handful of Spaghetti Westerns over and over :slight_smile:

yeah i got the spagg western bible 1 2 and just got 3 last week i agree when your on a buget like i am you just got to settle for what you can get but the vol 3 of the spagg bible is pretty good i have seen seven dollars on red blindman and the beast they were ok prints

i dont get it video asia already put out a trinty box set awhile back and olny half of the films were spaghetti westerns and i read somewere that vol 4 is a trinity collection what is up with that