Spaghetti Western and popculture

hey friends,

i am preparing a homework that will connect spaghetti western and the nowadays popculture.

therefore i need literature (online?) and most of all examples for this connection (e.g. music, films, interviews)

music and films that use spaghetti western motives and techniques are easy to find it think, but which are the most important? (i think of tarantino for sure…)

interviews on dvds would be great as well (youtube?). i remember an interview with QT on the german “once upon a time in america”, in which he mentions a special close-up, he calls it a “sergio leone”. or jhonnie to mentioning “once upon a time in the west” as his favourite movie on german “arte tracks” in the last weeks. any more of those examples?

you would help me very much. of course i would later put all the stuff online for your (german) reading pleasure :wink:

greetings and thanks

p.s.: tom, are there WAI issues mentioning popculture influenced by spags?

The Gnarles Barkley song, Crazy, uses cues from Django Prepare a Coffin.

The GBU theme is sung by people who don’teven know the movie. Also used in movies at comedic moments to suggest some sort of showdown.

Rancid has a song titled 'Django". " Django, you drag your coffin around. All around town, just like a dead man does!"

i need some more input please. guess any tv series or so from the present that use spag themes? any special movies with some western samples (audio and video).

Off the top of my head, Madagascar 2 samples a lightened up version of the GBU theme. Forgotten Pistolero theme is used in Chappelle’s show

Don’t know if this helps, but there have been SW influences in commercials I’ve seen on TV

When McDonalds introduced some mexican hamburger there was a clip of bandits and SW style music

And there have been other products as well, Santa Maria spices and others too have used SW influenced commercials

Piraten der Karibik 2 enthält eine Szene die ein SW Duell imitiert und die auch an Moricone angelehnte Musik enthält.