Spaghetti Western actors and their movies

What do / don’t you like about those actors ??? What are your favourite movies by them ? Which ones do you think are their worst ones ?

You are welcome to share your opinions !!!

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I really like Tony Anthony in Blindman. He is so great in it.

mr.garko is in my top 5 of sw top 10 favs off my head are EASTWOOD-VAN CLEEF-NERO-KINSKI-GARKO-MILIIAN-PALANCE-STRODE-BERGER.not all thier parts were great but its always a pleasure to see them even in the sub-par movies.

I LIKE ALL OF GARKO"S SARTANA FILMS BUT …LIGHT THE FUSE IS PROBABLY MY FAV FOR SOME REASON.BLINDMAN IS FAV ANTHONY.DAY OF ANGER FAV GEMMA.GENTLEMAN KILLER-STEFFEN.i dont really have a fav hilton, his all seem to blend together ,but fistful of lead and any gun can play are o.k.

Too difficult to give simple answers here. I can’t even vote between Anthony, Garko, Gemma and Hilton. I’m not that big fan of Steffen. He has made some great films too (Django the Bastard, No Room to Die) but I don’t think he’s as great as others mentioned here.

Hard to choose, they’re all good, I’m not going to vote here, sorry.
Tony Anthony is fun to watch, he is probably my favourite among these men, I like The Stranger Returns, and also Silent Stranger, where he travels to Japan :smiley:
I didn’t like Blindman that much, it should have been more humorous, after all a blind gunfighter is a ridiculous idea :smiley:

Tony definetly. Although I really like Hilton, Steffen, Gemma and Garko. But Tony’s got that uncool coolness about him.

Gemma as I like more of his westerns than any of the other actors mentioned.

Its a virtual coin toss between Garko and Steffen so I just voted for Garko.


Gemma, his action scenes seem very authentic… he makes good choices, I think the fight scenes in California and Pistol for Ringo are the best in the genre. Favourites California… least favourite probably Wanted.


I like Garko best!

He starred is so many great flicks! I think he also starrs in most on my two top20 list movies.

I like his coolness, his charisma, his look. He didn’t starr in many really bad ones, right now I can only remember Bad Man’s River.

He also offers a great variety of characters (psycho, Bounty Hunter, buddy, Sartana and the Sartana variations).

Garko is the man!


Why the hell did YOU pick Garko?

I know that’s surprising. I was surprised myself!

A rather unconscious choice then…

From the ones listed Gianni Garko hands down. I like, if not worship, most of his spags.

The next in order of preferance:

  1. George Hilton
  2. Tony Anthony
  3. Gulliano Gemma (i like him as an actor quite a lot, but most of his films just don’t ‘‘click’’ with me, too american and romantic for my likes)
  4. Anthony Steffen (at his best, he’s very good, not exceptionally good though. Most of the time he’s the usual stiff and wooden Steffen we all know)

Garko because of the Sartana’s. Gemma would be my second. :wink: