Spaghetti time again on Turner Classic Movies

(Pongwookie) #1

Hi all,

TCM will be showing “The Mercenary” - “Il Mercenario” as part of its Jack Palance film festival. ;D

Pacific Time: Monday Aug. 18th 11:00PM …and for those of you back East at 2:00AM

This classic features one of my favorite Morricone scores, and will be shown letterboxed! Get those DVD recorders warmed up :wink:

Here is a link to the fun American trailer:




(korano) #2

I 'll have to watch it again. Great video by the way.

(Stanton) #3

If it’s uncut, a record of this could become a fair interim solution until a decent DVD arrives in about 2037.

(korano) #4

Maybe somebody should make a DVD-R of this.

(Ming) #5

The Japanese DVD release is very good - although, I admit it’s a bit hard to find.

(korano) #6

Is the Japanese release reghion 2 or 0?

(Pongwookie) #7

All the movies TCM shows are uncut…you might just have to deal with a TCM logo showing up for a few seconds in the bottom corner. It’s a beautiful print though. I saw it on TCM a few years ago when they had a Spaghetti Western mini-festival (I hope they’ll do another one soon :))

(Ming) #8

It’s a region 2 disc.