Spaghetti Sundays - a community idea

Here’s my post copied and pasted from the SWDb FB group.

I’m a huge SW fanatic, but even being a proud owner of the Weisser book for 25 years I still find it tricky to pick one to watch from the hundreds out there. It can also be a lonely game, especially when it comes to the rougher, more obscure films. My other half struggles with the, how should I say, ‘less artistic’ efforts!

Today there are more euro westerns easily available than ever, not just new Blu-Ray HD remasters but many free to download, so I had an idea…

We in this group do a thing like a book club (only with more flies, stubble and tobacco gobbing) and post a different SW, with brief synopsis and if possible a download link - make it a fortnightly thing, maybe with a recommended start time… then we can talk about it in the comments, post screenshots etc etc.

I think it could make a nice reference as well for newcomers to the scene/group, and will encourage us to watch some of the less obvious ones. We could also post two trailers and whichever gets the most likes becomes the next on the list. The best comments could be added to the individual film listings on the main SWDB site.

I think it’ll really liven it up here, the only thing I’m not sure about is the SWDB’s take on file sharing. Many are certainly considered public domain so we could start with those.

Comments and suggestions are welcome!

[edits: I understand SWDb is generally against copyright infringement, so either we work around that, or keep to public domain stuff (e.g. films without a current DVD/BluRay release), or keep from posting specific URLs when a quick google will do. Also, my mention of livening things up is more about the FB group/page.]

Or we just recommend flicks that are legally available, what am I missing here? Btw great to see you back on the forum

Never heard anyone being a proud owner of that book :slight_smile: It is notoriously error-ridden and partly just plain made up:

I think it’s more relevant to Facebook, in that it is something a lot of people at least glance at daily.

It’s less relevant here, because it seems a bit more active than the FB page. I’d love to say I’ll be on here regularly but life sometimes doesn’t allow it.

So if it’s a bit redundant on this forum, I think it would work great on FB, to encourage the more casual fan to watch… and in turn head over here to hang with the big guns!

I’d do it myself as Spaghetti Western Club or whatever, but I don’t think it’d pick up as quickly and effectively as on the SWDb FB page, which already has hundreds of followers.

The next step would be to find a decent room at a bar somewhere in London and do a monthly SW screening there - non-profit, but drinking allowed in the ‘auditorium’ to make the bar owner happy. Gotta keep the barman happy :wink::beers:

Other than here, it’s been the most inclusive of all the other publications. I forgive the errors and add my own notes in pencil - the old fashioned way.

It also has a nice feel to it, I’m not sure which came first but it has a similar feel to the Lee Van Cleef book which I have somewhere.

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Welcome back! I’m still fairly new to this forum, but am a long time film in general fan, and have recently been getting back into SWs on DVD and Blu Ray from Germany and Arrow Video (oh the beauty of having a region free player :smiley: ) I really like this idea, but wouldn’t it be simpler to have people watch films in their collections and then discuss them? Could we also talk about our favorite actors and what films we think are there finest hours? I don’t know how much time I could really dedicate to this myself as I have a movie blog site, and do a little series called Western Wednesdays, where I discuss the SW’s I’ve seen. I’ll leave some links to my posts if you’re interested.


This idea would work well on Twitter. A bunch of us all watching the same spag at the same time, live-tweeting. You’d need to ensure that the movie(s) being viewed are as easily accessible to the more casual observers as possible though, so that others may join in if they want to. I’ve seen people live-tweet films which are available immediately on Netflix or Amazon Prime and they’ve finished the movie with far more live-tweeters than when it started. On the other hand I used to follow a guy who would constantly live-tweet the obscure Japanese melodrama he’d be watching at the time, and tbh it was just tedious.

With a forum, you could do it more like a book club or something. We agree what the movie will be for this week (maybe take turns nominating one) and then everyone watches it at some point over that week, and then offers their thoughts. Of course, this might be a little redundant given the aficionados we have here who’ve already seen all of the bigger pictures many times over and won’t even need to watch them in order to comment, thus taking some of the fun out of it.

I dunno. It’s an interesting idea though, worth chewing over and trying once the method and platform is agreed. :+1:

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well we do have spaghvemberfest :slight_smile:

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You don’t, you’ve never done it! Bloody part-timer. :slightly_smiling_face:

busted and guilty as charged… November is never a great time for me :slight_smile: same this year

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What exactly is that Admin Sebastian? I might wanna give it a try.

search and ye shall find :slight_smile:

Sorry I started this thread and deserted you all! I’m abroad with limited internet.

Thanks for all of your suggestions and criticism.

I think Twitter is the place to go as I’m not so much preaching to the converted (as in the ones who have watched 'em all 5 times over), but more to the fans such as myself who sometimes need a little nudge or excuse, or those who liked GBU etc and would like to see more.

I’ll keep it independent of this page so I can go with those available on R***L*** and if available a link to the DVD if available (I’ll leave individual moral judgement to the individual) but I’ll include the SWDb listing URL for each individual film.

I’ll get onto it when I return. Starting slowly and see how it goes.

Amazing work! Would love to have you onboard with this.

Thanks very much for your suggestions - see my post above :slight_smile:

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Yes, well I’m @LastCaress1972 on Twitter, I’ll definitely take a crack at synchronised live-tweeting a spag or two with you and a bunch of others, Beau. :+1:

Wouldn’t be the wildest thing I’ve done on Twitter by a LONG shot (and no, I’m not elaborating on that). :grinning: