Spaghetti-style clothing?

All that talk about hats on other topic made me wonder if anyone here dresses “spaghetti-style” in real life? Most people here probably agree that stylish clothes are a important part of spaghetti westerns so for a fan to dress accordingly would seem like a logical thing to do. I can confess that, though not connected to movies, I wear a long wool coat, brimmed hat, jeans and leather gloves. All jet-black, so it might appear slightly “spaghetti” to some. A friend of mine who’s also into italian cult genres calls me “giallo killer” because of this. Westerns are dead genre to most people but time to time it’s still possible to see some men in their 50s and 60s who look like straight out of OUaTitW or The Wild Bunch walking the streets and it’s pretty cool. I guess they got into this “duster jackets, Leone style” thing when spaghetti westerns were still a big thing in theatres and never left it. Seeing one of these tough-as-nails-looking marshalls is almost enough to save my day.

Your thoughts?

Well, being a youngen, I dressed up as the man with no name for Halloween. Many years ao actually. I don’t dress like that in real life. Although I still have the irresistable poncho lying around. ;D

I’m not called Counterfeit Van Cleef for nothin’. :wink:

After I saw Django for the first time I bought immediately a long dark blue overcoat, long scarf and the django-style gloves. I still wear 'em every now and then and after such a long time they’re getting so worn out that they look even more spaghetti style.

I wish I had an SW costume. It would be nice to dress up as the Man with no name for Halloween. Maybe I can ask Chris Casey if he’s got any spare spurs and boots hanging around haha.

Off topic !. I did have a dance with someone at a Halloween party this year with someone who was wearing a Michael Myers mask, which was a bit different…

Michael Myers mask. I want that too. Although it has to be the original Cap’n Kirk.

No costume…I have to rely on my steely gaze and Van Cleef-esque good looks. :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope you do not gun me down some day then…

Don’t worry, I’m the Corbett type, not the Angel Eyes type. So I guess as long as you stay on the right side of the law you’ll be OK :smiley:

Not that I doubt any of your guys’s words but I would think every spagheti western fan would like to identify their physical features with Van Cleef’s or some other spaghetti actor. I’d like to describe myself as Ivan Rassimov’s face with Richard Harrioon’s eyes but I think I’d look a little funny. I suppose I’m trying to say you’ll always want to see similarites but they are probably not true.

I suppose if I were to realisticallydescribe myself in Spaghetti actor terms, I’d have to say I look likeeither Tony Anthony, Frank Brana, or Edd Byrnes. All younger of course.

Anybody else see similarities with themselves in spagheti actor terms?

Thanks ;).

My guess is that if someone is really into movies he also starts noticing if someone looks like some film star, even if just a little bit. Some people compare themselves to Paris Hilton or other people made famous by the yellow press. I don’t care about such celebrities but movie star lookalikes are fun to spot. Charles Bronson (Death Wish 4 era) lookalikes are the most common type, everytime I see one I think that he must have a gun in his pocket. ;D

Too boyish to look like any spaghetti actor, Brett Halsey from L’Ira di Dio & Today It’s Me, Tomorrow You comes to mind first because of strong eyebrows and all-black clothes. Tony Anthony because he’s such a non-macho. :smiley:

My last western dress-up dates back to february this year, when my girl celebrated her bithday with a western saloon party. Fortunately it was carneval-season and I bought a hat, a gun and belt in a toy store. With a kind of scarf-poncho I also looked a bit like Brett Halsey from Today It’s Me, Tomorrow You.

Having just spent some weeks cultivating a full on beard that has turned out alarmingly grey throughout I think the Spaghetti character I resemble the most would be the Prophet from FAFDM. See Ennioo’s avatar for a reference :wink:

Actually, on second thoughts, maybe Steffen as MacBeth is getting close too. Taking on the appearance of your own avatar. Now that’s weird!

Nobody in Spaghetti land I can think of, but I look a bit like a zombie from a George A. Romero film in the morning before a cup of tea.