Spaghetti stuff on YouTube

(Sebastian) #1

let’s collect links to spaghetti western related material on Youtube.

Alex Cox introduces VENGEANCE for ITV4:

(removed by youtube)

(Bill san Antonio) #2

Some Trailers:

Forgotten Pistolero:

Texas, Adios:

Stranger in Town:




Navajo Joe:


Bounty Killer:

Cemetary Without Crosses:

Any Gun can Play:

Stranger and Gunfighter:

(Bill san Antonio) #3

And here’s few more. And there’s Matalo! trailer ;D

(Fredge) #4

And more, and more!!!

I’ve never seen “I want him dead”, “Sugar colt” and the “Stranger trilogy”.

Concerning “The specialists”, the comment in french is a bit ridiculous… And you see the very serious specialist Johnny losing his hat… Very funny!! ;D

(Vancouver James) #5

Excellent, thanks for the links!

Van James

(Musket) #6

why dont we add the trailers at the Database we could make an Extra page with the Link on Youtube…
then a link in the colum which says Trailer at youtube …

(Sebastian) #7

and who will be the one to check regularly if the trailer is still there? :wink:

(Bill san Antonio) #8

Here’s something I made myself:

(Cian) #9

Cool. Hope you’ll be doing a few more.

(CJ_076) #10

[quote=“Sebastian, post:1, topic:303”]Alex Cox introduces VENGEANCE for ITV4:

A good director with a good intro. Cox never fails to impress me. :slight_smile:

(me) #11

Someone find Death rides a horse trailer

(CJ_076) #12

(me) #13

thanks man

(CJ_076) #14

Thank Jonah Hex for uploading it for us first. ;D

(me) #15

The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly Trailer

Once Upon A Time In The West Final Showdown


(me) #16

Do you know where He got It at?

(Bill san Antonio) #17

I uploaded this beer commercial with Lee van Cleef. One of the best commercials I’ve ever seen. Enjoy!

and I also found another commercial with him.

(Sebastian) #18

bavaria holland beer. what a contradiction. do they think anyone’s believing that bavaria is in holland? lol… damn th dutch :wink:

(Bill san Antonio) #19


I don’t know what to say…

(Fredge) #20