Spaghetti starlets in Pin-up mags

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I don’t care if this is the only picture post in this thread, but it needs to be shared.
Phil’ll remember this magazine from the 60s … we used to nick 'em round my way 'cos we were too young to buy ‘em. Parade magazine was a soft core mag that us Brits had (not your U.S. version) that had a mix of sport and media articles and short stories, and was amply interspersed with corny sex jokes (very un-pc) and semi naked starlets … in full colour in the centrespread. They quite ofter had somebody more famous on the cover - Bardot, Andress or Claudia Cardinale was on loads … one’s included …
I recently found a few old copies in the priory’s profane library vaults and recognised the name of this lil’ lady from the 27th Feb. 1965 issue. She later went on to be in a coupl’a spags - most notably Prey of Vultures/Artist is a Gunfighter.ólar_de_recompensa%2C_Un
I’ll do some more research … ;D

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I see you have mastered posting your pics Rev. Keep ‘em comin’.

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This one (these two :smiley: ) count … it’s in our database!

What a woman!!! Sally Douglas 17th October 1964 … in '66 she was in the above film.
This is thirsty work!

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Sorry chaps - you must be losing your patience with me now as have only unearthed another picture of Orchidea de Santis so far …
She’s the one at the bottom, you don’t need to look at the others.

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Blimey - I think I’ll go watch a coffin for the sheriff in a mo. Nice to see you doing some research BL ;D . She was an actress already I gather, but this was a pre-spaghetti pose - and very nice too.

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Next bleedin’ page would you credit it … top left … French gall Sophie Hardy - at about the same time as this was put out …
(the colour pic is a postcard from the net)

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I think Claudia Cardinale’s photo above was taken when she was trying out for James Coburn’s part as Sean in DUCK YOU SUCKER. Although Jim was great I’d of liked to see what Claudia would have done in the part. :wink:

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:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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I like this topic…

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Very 1960s :slight_smile:

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Bad Lt, you can write who they are as well, the first photo is Elke Sommer right?

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Sommer, Orfei, Lee.

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Like the hairstyle of Sommer…wonder if there are any spiders in it…

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Here’s a very early Sommers - 1963. Couldn’t seeany spider’s legs here :o :wink:

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Rosanna Schiaffino on the right … (10 years before Noon)
and a bevy of other beauts…

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:o :o :o

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[quote=“Reverend Danite, post:16, topic:1891”]Here’s a very early Sommers - 1963. Couldn’t seeany spider’s legs here :o :wink:


Is that really Elke Sommer?
She really improved quickly. I would not have recognised her by that pic.

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[quote=“Reverend Danite, post:17, topic:1891”]Rosanna Schiaffino on the right … (10 years before Noon)
and a bevy of other beauts…


…and what’s the drag queen with the big hair doing in amongst these lovelies? :-\