Spaghetti Lounge

My first love is spy films and television, and through trading, shopping cheap record bins and vinyl stores, and archival sites like The Crime Lounge, I’ve amassed a collection of weird cover albums with jazz, lounge, and easy listening orchestral versions of spy music. I’ve only encountered a few of these sorts of cover albums featuring Morricone take-offs and covers.

What I wanted to ask is what else I should be on the lookout for. I have the Hugo Montenegro take on Morricone, I think everyone knows about. I know that Frank Pourcel takes on some Morricone themes on Western Movie’s Greatest Hits[/url]. I’m not usually a huge fan of Pourcel’s work, though.

In searching, one of the few other things that I’ve dug up is this Leroy Holmes (who does some great arrangements of Bond incidental music) [url=]version of Morricone’s theme from the Big Gundown (you can hear a sample at the bottom of the page). Did this come from an album of similar efforts, or is it just the single?

Is there anything else out there?

Big Gundown by John Zorn perhaps.

I cannot get into it myself :stuck_out_tongue: .