Spaghetti fanart

Sooo lately I’ve come up with a couple of SW based fanarts that I thought would be cool to share over here, too.


Clicking on the thumbnail will redirect you to the DeviantArt page for this drawing - I thought it was just too big to inflict the full size on your bandwidth without warning ;D There I always have a bit of explanation and self critique, which shows I messed with this project way too long XDDD I also have a couple of “behind the scenes” files (1, 2), a closeup in the original size and [url=]a fake!photo version I usually don’t spend all that time on a single illustration or care about making different versions, but hey, this one just came up that way.

This one on the other hand took about 20/30 minutes, and that was it ;D


Very nice indeed !

solid work there poggy


That’s great stuff Poggy.

Very nice, I especially like El Indio, a lot of love went into that work ;D

The style vaguely reminds me of Paula Rego, Balthus (and another painter, but can’t identify him/her right now)
There’s no sexual context or subtext here, but there was in some other works of yours I saw

It’s a pity we haven’t heard (nor seen) much of the rev lately, he used to be one of our regulars and is a fine artist too (let’s see if we can dig up some of his work shown on these pages)

Outstanding job Poggy!

Veery nice indeed!

Thanks guys, I’m glad you liked the pics :slight_smile:

Scherp, what do you mean there’s no sexual content? I see plenty in the Indio pic, mwahahahah!!! ;D ;D ;D Just kidding! [size=1]or maybe not.[/size]

I’d love to see more SW art - it’s relatively rare, but sometimes really interesting stuff pops up. IMO it’s a very visually compelling genre, what with the use of camera angles and the distinctive faces of the actors - there’s lots of inspiration to be drawn from it.

man, you’re good with photoshop!

I made few sw poster style woodcuts some years ago. I might look if I still find 'em.