Spaghetti fanart

(poggy) #1

Sooo lately I’ve come up with a couple of SW based fanarts that I thought would be cool to share over here, too.


Clicking on the thumbnail will redirect you to the DeviantArt page for this drawing - I thought it was just too big to inflict the full size on your bandwidth without warning ;D There I always have a bit of explanation and self critique, which shows I messed with this project way too long XDDD I also have a couple of “behind the scenes” files (1, 2), a closeup in the original size and [url=]a fake!photo version I usually don’t spend all that time on a single illustration or care about making different versions, but hey, this one just came up that way.

This one on the other hand took about 20/30 minutes, and that was it ;D

(korano) #2



Very nice indeed !

(Frank Talby) #4

solid work there poggy

(I...I...Idiot) #5


(Phil H) #6

That’s great stuff Poggy.

(scherpschutter) #7

Very nice, I especially like El Indio, a lot of love went into that work ;D

The style vaguely reminds me of Paula Rego, Balthus (and another painter, but can’t identify him/her right now)
There’s no sexual context or subtext here, but there was in some other works of yours I saw

It’s a pity we haven’t heard (nor seen) much of the rev lately, he used to be one of our regulars and is a fine artist too (let’s see if we can dig up some of his work shown on these pages)

(Silence) #8

Outstanding job Poggy!

(alk0) #9

Veery nice indeed!

(poggy) #10

Thanks guys, I’m glad you liked the pics :slight_smile:

Scherp, what do you mean there’s no sexual content? I see plenty in the Indio pic, mwahahahah!!! ;D ;D ;D Just kidding! [size=1]or maybe not.[/size]

I’d love to see more SW art - it’s relatively rare, but sometimes really interesting stuff pops up. IMO it’s a very visually compelling genre, what with the use of camera angles and the distinctive faces of the actors - there’s lots of inspiration to be drawn from it.

(Bill san Antonio) #11

man, you’re good with photoshop!

I made few sw poster style woodcuts some years ago. I might look if I still find 'em.