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I am the new kid on the block, so please tell me if I am posting this in the wrong area:

I have all the best Morricone C.Ds Western wise, and also a few rare ones like The Forgotten Pistolero and Keoma.

I also have original Original British Quad Posters to the following:

Navajo Joe

The Hellbenders

Death Rides A horse

A !970 Re issue To The Good Bad and Ugly.

The Hunting Party.

Also my pride an joy an original of Once Upon A Time In The West

Also foreign posters to:

Run Man Run


Sonny and Jed

Long Live Death Prefarbly Yours.

I am looking for the following sourced from DVD:


Death Sentance (English Language if there is one)

Man Pride and Vengance.

The Ruthless Four.

And God Said To Cain

A Reason To live a Reason to Die

A Japanese print of The Great Silence.

Johnny Orro

Matolo from Wild East

Long Days of Revenge DVD quality.

If anyone is interested in doing a bit of trading of some kind, please give me a buzz.


Where did you get these?

I mainly purchased my posters from film fairs.

Obtained soundtracks in trades and also from Hillside CD Productions:

How nice to read one of your first posts, Ennioo
It’s like looking at the star, knowing that the light you see has been underway for quite some time
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What is a quad poster, by the way?

Thanks. Surprised me a little when I read this post again of mine.

Well you may know some of this already, but here goes. A U.K quad poster just refers to the size of the poster, and they are supplied to most cinemas here in the U.K. The size is 30 inches high and 40 inches wide.

Most quad posters up to around the late 80’s / 90 were mostly supplied folded. Posters after this date are initially rolled and printed on a more gloss type paper which are often double sided, unlike the posters prior to 1990.

[quote=“ENNIOO, post:1, topic:427”]Hi,

I am the new kid on the block, so please tell me if I am posting this in the wrong area:[/quote]
Hi Ennioo, you are no kid on this forum anymore ;).

This is true Silence :slight_smile: . It took a few years to get a reply to my post though :wink: .

Wow! This whole thread is creeping me out. I don’t know what’s more strange, the fact that it’s one of ENNIOO’s first posts or the fact that it took so long for a response. The fact that he said ‘Hi’ gave it away :slight_smile: BTW, ENNIOO, which one are you?

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