Sorry if you hate these kind of threads but HI I'M NEW

Hi I’m Varth, I’ve seen most of the classics, everything officially released on DVD in the USA and not much else, looking for guidance in finding the best Spaghetti Westerns, or at least entertaining. Now I’ll shut my mouth and read around.

Welcome Varth !

You can either have a look at our Top 20:

Or check this links:

(I’ll have to do a similar job for this site still)

Yes, welcome Varth. The links Scherps has suggested would be a very good place to start for sure. Enjoy!

Hey Varth, glad to see someone new here. I was a relative SW newbie myself at one time. See if you can get a region free DVD player, because alot of the best releases are unfortunatley, non USA. The DVDR market has some classics too.

welcome, varth

Benvenuto Varth


Off the top of my head, these are the best and not to be missed. Even though a lot are probably not officially released in the US, forum kindness and DVDR’s help that.

Cemetery Without Crosses
Return of Ringo

imports for all 4 you mentioned also. sorry i’m not a very pro-dvdr person :wink: