Sons of Trinity / Trinità & Bambino … e adesso tocca a noi! (Enzo Barboni, 1995)

Trinity & Babyface (aka Sons of Trinity) was E.B. Clucher’s 4th western comedy, his 5th and last SW.

It’s about the sons of Spencer/Hill who are played here by two young and unknown american actors. The film shows why Clucher was the best of the SW comedy directors. Instead of chaos and sillyness the film is just like the old Trinitys, careful made and the gags are developed slow and effective.

Of course the 90s weren’t the 70s and the film lacks star power , so even if both leads do well enough (it’s btw very easy to copy Spencer), nobody wanted to see it. But the same happened to Spencer/Hill one year earlier with their failed comeback The Troublemakers. Maybe they should have choosen again Clucher as director.
Trinity & Babyface is at least the better film.


Maybe 6/10

Here is the link:…_e_adesso_tocca_a_noi

Same thoughts as mine :wink: Trinity&Babyface was the better and funnier movie as The Troublemakers. :smiley:
Was he credited as E.B. Clucher or as Enzo Barboni?

Clucher I think, he always had done so as director.

And thanks for the link, I had forgotten to do it myself.

[size=2] [size=1]Missed the use of the old Techniscope camera work. I do not know whether the film was meant to be funny, as I did not laugh at anything in the film. The main leads lacked charisma with their 80’s style haircuts, and could have done with a bit more action in the film. Main music theme with it’s dance style beat was annoying for me.[/size]

[size=1]Some people like this one, but I am not one of them.[/size][/size]